Anthony Pettis Hopes To Fight Conor McGregor

Since Conor McGregor recently announced his possible retirement last week, the famous fighter has confused the public about his actions. Prior to McGregor’s tweet stating that he planned to leave behind his UFC dreams, the fighter claimed he was trying to come back to complete a fight in July the night before. One of McGregor’s fellow fighters, Anthony Pettis, hopes that McGregor considers staying, since Pettis feels a match-up between himself and McGregor would excite their fans, according to TMZ.

Pettis just moved up in weight class and is now in the welterweight division. After winning his match against Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, Pettis is already thinking about his next fight, and he feels a match-up against McGregor would be a great moment for fans of their sport. However, Pettis does realize that McGregor may be serious about retiring, and if that is the case, then Pettis acknowledges the two probably should not compete against each other.

“Man, I wouldn’t talk him outta retirement. If someone wants to retire, don’t get in the Octagon with me,” Pettis said, according to TMZ. “It’s gonna be a bad one. I’m too hungry right now. I’m too motivated. I just knocked out the No. 3 in the world at 170 pounds. If you’re trying to retire, don’t entertain a fight with me.”

On the other hand, if McGregor is planning to return to fighting, Pettis feels that the two facing off against each other would entertain their fans because both Pettis and McGregor share a similar fighting style.

“I go for the kill. He goes for the kill. We both have a flashy striking style with a great ground game,” Pettis stated, according to TMZ.

Also, Pettis’s recent win against Stephen Thompson put him in a historical category along with Conor McGregor and Kenny Florian. After defeating Thompson, Pettis became the only other UFC fighter besides McGregor and Florian to earn victories in three divisions including featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight. Since achieving his victory in the second round against Thompson, Pettis has his thoughts set on his next fight, according to My MMA News.

Pettis recounted that he enjoyed fighting against Thompson while at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. The victorious fighter recounted that he also enjoyed fighting Thompson for the same reasons he would enjoy a match against McGregor; Pettis loves Thompson’s style as well. However, Pettis also admitted that he may never get his match against McGregor if McGregor retires, and if that is the case, Pettis is still excited for his next fight now that he is coming off a major victory, according to MMA Junkie.