Robert Griffin III Wants To Be The Baltimore Ravens’ Starter

When Robert Griffin III first started playing in the NFL, it looked like he would eventually become a star. The start of his pro career was bright, but after experiencing several injuries while he was with the Washington Redskins, his playing skills started to suffer. During his time dealing with his injuries, many feel his recovery was mismanaged, and that may have affected Griffin in the long run, according to Hot New Hip Hop.

After Griffin had to sit out the full 2017 season while he was still on the Washington Redskins, he had to find a new team to sign him. Eventually, Griffin was signed by the Baltimore Ravens, but it wasn’t for the job he had hoped for. Griffin wound up becoming the third-string quarterback for the Ravens, playing behind Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson. While the future didn’t seem promising for Griffin at the time, the Ravens have since traded Joe Flacco. Griffin hoped to become the starter, but he was passed over for Lamar Jackson, who is currently the Ravens’ starting quarterback. Griffin is now the backup quarterback for the Ravens.

Griffin has worked hard to bring himself back into the limelight as a skilled quarterback. He did well during the 2018 season as the back up for the Ravens, so the team agreed to extend his contract. However, even with that rewarding nod, Griffin still isn’t happy with his current position, and he has gone public stating his hopes for the future.

“Anybody that signs in the league is never content being a backup, so this is just part of the rebuilding process for me,” Griffin said, according to TMZ. “It started last year, I moved from QB3 to QB2… but by no means am I content with where I’m at. I still want to keep going.”

Griffin is still expected to fill the position of back-up quarterback for the upcoming season, behind Lamar Jackson. Jackson himself is now in his second year as a Baltimore Raven, but some people still wonder how strong he will be at completing passes and competing in the NFL.

Griffin, since his wonderful 2012 rookie season, has never seemed like the same player. However, since he had to sit out several games starting on New Year’s Day on 2017, while he was still with the Cleveland Browns, he has started a few games. His current team, the Baltimore Ravens, have given him some action. In fact, when he returned as a Raven in August, 2018, he played decently, but not wonderful. After two plays during that game, he threw an interception. He finished 7 for 11 for 58 yards that game, with one touchdown and one interception, according to NBC Sports.