Zombie Comedy ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Trailer Sees Bill Murray And Adam Driver Dealing With The Undead

The zombie movie may be back with a stellar all-star cast in The Dead Don’t Die, led by Bill Murray and Adam Driver. The first official trailer for the movie has been released on Focus Entertainment’s official YouTube channel and it shows off its incredibly massive cast in what could be a hilarious new movie.

The zombie genre has been incredibly successful in all its forms, in both TV and movies. The Walking Dead is one of television’s biggest successes and films such as Night Of The Living Dead (1968) are considered to be classics, per Syfy. Following a small lull in recent times, zombie movies are aiming for a comeback, with quite a few films in development. Zack Snyder will be making his return to feature filmmaking after Justice League in the new Netflix original Army Of The Dead, as noted by Variety. Meanwhile, one of the better zombie comedies, Zombieland, is already returning with a sequel, currently in production, according to Collider.

The latest to join the trend is the new movie, The Dead Don’t Die, which has comedic legend Bill Murray in the lead, recent Oscar nominee Adam Driver, as well as a massive supporting cast joining the two.

The Dead Don’t Die sees a zombie outbreak in a small town, as a pair of local police officers (Murray and Driver) have to deal with the situation while attempting to maintain law and order. The inhabitants of the small town also react in their own unique and hilarious ways to the situation, as they all band together to survive. The movie looks to be a comedy, based on its blatant attempts to stay away from anything too dramatic and its tendency to lean on the ridiculous and far-fetched.

The supporting cast consists of Tilda Swinton (Suspiria), who seems to be playing a sword-wielding beautician for the dead. Chloe Sevigny (Russian Doll) stars as another police officer in the small town. The cast also features Steve Buscemi (Miracle Workers), Selena Gomez, Tom Waits, Carol Kane, Danny Glover, Rosie Perez, Iggy Pop, RZA, and many more.

The Dead Don’t Die trailer makes the film seem like a completely off-the-wall venture that pays tribute to, but also mocks the genre. Murray had already had a guest appearance in Zombieland playing himself, and this marks the first full-length role he’s had in a feature film in a few years, per his IMDb page.

The Dead Don’t Die is set to be released everywhere on June 14.

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