Theresa Caputo’s Ex Larry Revealed ‘Deep Depression’ After Divorce To ‘Radar Online’


Theresa Caputo’s ex Larry Caputo revealed in an interview with Radar Online how he fell into a “deep depression” after his divorce from the Long Island Medium star after 28 years. The couple announced their separation in December 2017 and filed for divorce in April 2018. Their marriage was legally dissolved in December of the same year.

Larry noted that just prior to his moving from Long Island, New York, to the West Coast where he currently resides in Santa Monica, California, he topped the scales at 200 pounds, reported Radar. Due to the stress the split and being separated from his children, Caputo lost almost 40 pounds after the move.

“With some depression, I dropped down to 163 pounds,” he said in an interview with Radar. “Because of my state of mind, I didn’t have an appetite. I leaned out and I was like ‘Wow, I feel that much better, I look more youthful, [I have a] better frame of mind, physically and mentally I feel so much better.'”

“I am mentally in a better place than I was,” he added. “The weight and the stress shows. And I think years back during the process of things going sour with our marriage did take a toll on me.”

Theresa confirmed the news of the couple’s stunning split to People magazine.

“We shared 28 wonderful years together and have two beautiful children, Larry Jr., and Victoria. We will continue to support each other and remain friends.”

In February, Larry Caputo debuted a new girlfriend on his Instagram Story, calling her his “baby boo.”

He also congratulated his daughter Victoria on social media, who recently announced she was engaged to boyfriend Michael. His ex Theresa also welcomed Michael into their family on Instagram. Victoria is the first of their two children to enter into matrimony, and the couple is thrilled for the new changes to their lives.

Theresa Caputo noted that although she and Larry are no longer married, they still share a level of love and respect for one another and each other’s well-being. She noted in an interview with E! News that even after the couple’s public split, she will still honor her vows to Larry.

Theresa Caputo explained that the couple shares a long history together and will continue to remain a part of one another’s lives as their children begin their own families. She said there would be no reason to be angry or mad at one another because their relationship ended, and that their bond as a family will never be broken. Theresa also felt it was important to honor and treasure their commitment to one another despite their split, reported E! News.

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