'Teen Mom 2' Reunion: Kailyn Lowry And Briana DeJesus Will Attend After Saying They Wouldn't

With the taping of the Teen Mom 2 reunion fast approaching, some of the cast members have suggested they won't be attending. First, Briana DeJesus tweeted that she wouldn't be at the reunion, followed by Kailyn Lowry saying she wouldn't be going. However, Briana quickly said her statement was a "joke" and that, as a cast member, she would be at the reunion. Now, a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup reveals who will be there and why the drama had taken place.

According to the report, the issues were due to some of the cast not wanting to be onstage together. A source told The Ashley that Kailyn reportedly did not want to be on stage with Briana. Fans may recall that at the last reunion, there was a lot of tension between Kailyn, Briana, and Briana's sister Brittany. Briana reportedly did not want to be on stage with Kailyn, either.

Although Kailyn has drama with Jenelle Evans, Kailyn reportedly didn't mind being on stage with Jenelle. However, she reportedly felt uncomfortable being too close to Jenelle's husband.

In an effort to keep everyone happy, the three cast members were going to be staying in separate cities, with Jenelle in Philadelphia, Kailyn in Jersey City, and Briana in New York City. The girls were going to Skype in for the group segment of the reunion, while Chelsea Houska and Leah Messer would be on stage at the reunion.

"Kail was furious. She felt like the producers chose Bri over her to be there, even though Kail is an original cast member and Briana is not."
According to the report, a new schedule has been worked out that will allow each girl to attend the reunion on stage, but without having to "run into" one another."They have worked out a schedule where Kail and Bri will not be there at the same time, and same with Jenelle and Kail."

After The Ashley posted the article, Briana replied to it on Twitter and explained her side of the story.

"I don't mind being on stage with everyone. I was willing to put everything aside. I was fine Skyping in until somebody caught a fit about having to Skype in too and wanted to change stuff but now everything is fine. changes have been made accordingly to fit every1s needs."
While Kailyn and Briana's reasons for not wanting to attend had to do with drama, as previously reported by Inquisitr, Jenelle Evans recently revealed that she has some medical issues she has to take care of before she will know if she is able to travel for the reunion.

It is unclear when the reunion will air, but fans can catch up with a new episode of Teen Mom 2 Monday night on MTV.