Carrie Fisher: Cruise Disaster?

Star Wars princess Carrie Fisher may be out of control again, according to a report from Dan Avery at Queerty. Passengers aboard the RSVP Feb. 9-16 sailing of the Holland America Eurodam reported that surprise headliner Fisher entertained them in, well, some unexpected ways.

An anonymous source told Avery that several people noticed her swimming with all her clothes on in Half Moon Bay, one of the ports on the cruise. When it was time for her to perform, she appeared to be “trashed and incoherent.” Her dog then allegedly joined her onstage, leaving not one but two unpleasant mementoes of his appearance.

According to a lively discussion on Cruise Critic, the gay-friendly cruise has had an uneven quality of entertainment over the years. Fisher’s performance apparently represented a new low. According to one Cruise Critic poster, Christo1, when the shocked audience members started to walk out, she screamed at them to stop. “When they did not, the star jumped from the stage and ran down the aisle to stop them.”

Regular RSVP duo Amy and Freddy had to replace Fisher for the second show.

David Rogers interviewed her shortly after the cruise for the Palm Beach Daily News. While not addressing the cruise ship debacle, Fisher did admit that drugs are “an ongoing thing to battle.” She must also struggle to keep her well-publicized bipolar disorder symptoms in check.

Several of the cruise attendees asked for understanding for Fisher’s problems, pointing out that she didn’t choose to have a difficult mental illness. Poster PJfunny1 posted, “She was NOT ‘on’ anything, she was just in a very strong manic state. I feel so badly for her. Anyone who lets her appearance ‘ruin’ the entire week for them needs to lighten up.”

Fortunately for Fisher, her cruise antics may have gone mostly unnoticed, thanks to the Carnival Triumph — what many people are calling “the worst cruise ever.” As a result of a fire, the Carnival passengers were stranded without working toilets. After being asked to eliminate liquids in the sink or shower and feces into biohazard bags, those unlucky travelers are probably envious of a cruise where the worst “poop” storm involved a dog leaving two deposits onstage.

Co-star Mark Hamill just confirmed the rumors of casting talks that have been swirling around the next Star Wars movie. Fans hope that Carrie Fisher’s cruise meltdown won’t spoil her chances.