Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Warns Trump Critics Will ‘Overthrow The Government’ If They’re Not Put Behind Bars

Jemal CountessGetty Images

Returning from a two-week suspension for claiming on the air that Minnesota congressional rep Ilhan Omar is somehow “antithetical to the United States Constitution” because she wears the traditional Muslim head covering known as a hijab, as Variety reported, the 67-year-old former judge was back on the air Saturday. In her broadcast she made no mention of her remarks about Omar, offering no apology.

What Pirro did offer, however, was a warning to her viewers that investigators who probed Donald Trump’s ties to Russia will “overthrow the government” if they are not quickly jailed, according to an account by MediaIte.

Referring to investigators as a “traitorous, treasonous group that accused Donald Trump of being an agent of the Russian government,” Pirro claimed that the investigation headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller serves as “a blueprint for a future effort to overthrow the government.”

Pirro called for the investigators and other critics of Trump who have supported investigations into Trump’s well-documented connections to Russia to face “justice, true justice and that is behind the bars justice,” according to a report by The Daily Beast online magazine.

Mueller’s report, which was submitted to Attorney General William Barr on March 22, has not yet been released to Congress or the public. But as Inquisitr has covered, in what he initially said was a four-page summary of the report, Barr said that Mueller has cleared Trump of direct coordination with the Russian government in the Russian effort to tamper with the 2016 presidential election.

Trump lawyer and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who joined Pirro on the Saturday Fox News broadcast, praised Pirro’s return to the cable channel, according to MSN, saying “We need, at this time, that our country is in trouble, we need your common sense voice.” Giuliani also added that he believed top officials in the FBI and Department of Justice likely engaged in “criminal” activity in the Trump-Russia investigation.

Pirro was originally set to make her return to the Fox News airwaves on Friday night, when she was scheduled to be interviewed by prime time host Sean Hannity. But Pirro cancelled that appearance due to what Hannity described as “a really serious family emergency,” though Hannity added, “I don’t know the nature of it,” according to MediaIte.

Whatever the “serious family emergency” may have been, it did not stop Pirro from appearing as scheduled on her Saturday broadcast, following her two-week hiatus. She did not make reference to the “emergency” on her Saturday program.