Sony PS4 Will Support Used Games

Playstation 4

Sony’s new PS4 will reportedly support used video games.

Rumors have been flying furiously regarding the next generation’s support of used video games. Although Sony previously patented technology that would effectively ban previously-owned titles from the system, it would appear the company still has no intention to put it to use.

Cinema Blend reports that the upcoming Playstation 4 will support used games, a fact that will surely make plenty of prospective buyers very happy. Struggling retailer GameStop is no doubt excited about this news as well, especially considering the company makes a small fortune off used titles.

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has been a very busy man lately. In addition to the unveiling of the Playstation 4, Yoshida has been forced to tackle a number of questions regarding backwards compatibility and the rumored Playstation Vita price drop in the US.

During a very informative chat with the folks at Eurogamer, the Sony president explained that gamers can expect previously-owned titles to work on the system.

Yoshida said:

“Yes. That’s the general expectation by consumer. They purchase physical form, they want to use it everywhere, right? So that’s my expectation. So, used games can play on PS4. How is that?”

Although used titles will work with Sony’s new PS4, it would appear games from previous generations won’t be compatible. The Inquisitr reported that the Playstation 4 will not support games from the PS3, PS2, or the PS1.

As disappointing as this may sound, Sony revealed that some “older” games would be made available through the PS Cloud service. The platform would essentially allow players to “stream” games from the cloud into the console without having to download the entire title.

Since Microsoft has yet to unveil anything about the Xbox 720, it’s currently unknown if the new console will supposed previously-owned discs.

Are you glad that the new Sony PS4 will support used games?