‘Dumbo’ Star Colin Farrell Feels He’s Been Missing Out On Children’s Films

Over the past few years, Colin Farrell has earned a reputation for taking thrilling roles in a bevy of dramatic films, boosting his popularity as a standout actor that put his audiences at the edge of their seats. However, it’s been a while since the actor tried to cross into a different film genre.

Ferrell’s recent experience starring in Tim Burton’s new live-action remake of Disney’s 1941 classic, Dumbo, made Ferrell step back and reflect a bit on the film roles he has taken. Farrell recently said he felt the type of satisfaction he never felt before after finishing Burton’s Dumbo and then seeing how much the children watching the new film enjoyed the experience, according to Fox News.

The Irish film star talked about his new experience making a children’s movie while in Hollywood at the Los Angeles Premiere for Burton’s live action version of Dumbo. For Ferrell, witnessing the responses to a children’s film premiere surprised him, and he felt the environment during the movie was happier and more enjoyable than what he is used to seeing because of his longstanding association with intense, dramatic films.

“Certainly, a day like today – it’s so colorful and the excitability in the air with so many children. I’ve never done a premiere with this many kids around – I’m thinking is this what I’ve been missing out on for 20 years trying to make serious drama?” the 42-year old Irish actor stated, according to Fox News.

Some of Farrell’s other films include In Bruges, Where to Find Them, Fantastic Beasts, Miami Vice, and Roman J. Israel, Esq. While Farrell has occasionally acted in other genres of films besides drama, he has long been associated with playing dramatic film characters in movies filled with thrilling, action-packed scenes. However, Farrell is always trying to top his last performance, and says he is constantly open to criticism so that he can improve on his acting skills. However, Farrell also admits that there is a lot of pressure already on him, but he likes to use that pressure to fuel him to improve with each new performance.

“Yeah, I mean – the big joke about being able to do what I’ve been allowed to do for twenty years – and you know; some films have worked, is that some have also been absolute turkeys…this whole thing and the importance that people can place on you at times, sometimes they want to give you a smack in the head as well,” Farrell said, according to Fox News.