Cillian Murphy May Join The Family In ‘A Quiet Place’ Sequel With Emily Blunt

A Quiet Place became an instant fan favorite upon release in 2018, as a unique blend of horror and thriller. The silent-but-deadly movie was critically applauded and commercially viable, as per this IndieWire review. The sequel was announced almost immediately, and now a report from The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Cillian Murphy is in talks to join the sequel, along with most of the original cast returning, save for John Krasinski, who will still write and direct.

Cillian Murphy broke out into feature films in the zombie horror film, 28 Days Later. However, he didn’t come into the mainstream until his appearance in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, as Dr. Jonathan Crane/the Scarecrow. As per his IMDb page, Murphy then went on continue his collaboration with Nolan in the subsequent Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, and the Oscar-nominated Dunkirk. While Murphy can be considered as a character actor, his range of talent that sees him go from menacing to charming at the drop of a hat, depending on the role, can easily see him as a leading man one day. Although what type of role he plays in the sequel to A Quiet Place still remains unclear.

Warning: The following features spoilers for the horror thriller A Quiet Place, starring, written, and directed by John Krasinski.

(L-R) Allyson Seeger, Millicent Simmonds, Brad Fuller, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, and Andrew Form, winners of Best Sci-Fi/Horror Movie for ‘A Quiet Place’, pose in the press room during the 24th annual Critics’ Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on January 13, 2019, in Santa Monica, California.

A Quiet Place had an incredibly unique premise of a world terrorized by monsters who hunt by sound. The film sees a family trying to survive by coming up with new and innovative ways to be silent out in the world. The family comprised of the father (Krasinski), the pregnant mother (Blunt), their young son (Noah Jupe) and their deaf daughter (Millicent Simmonds). The story revolves around their lives, and how the daughter’s thought-of-disability becomes their biggest weapon against the creatures.

The movie saw Krasinski’s character sacrifice himself to save his children, which is why he will not be starring in the sequel. It’s been confirmed, according to Coming Soon, that Blunt, Jupe, and Simmonds will all be returning. As per the THR report, Murphy will be joining the family as a stranger with uncertain intentions. How Murphy’s character will factor into the story is still unclear.

When the sequel was announced, fans were expecting a different story set in the same universe about different characters, possibly in a different part of the world. However, it’s been confirmed now that the story will be a direct sequel featuring the same characters.

A Quiet Place 2 is set to release May 15, 2020

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