‘Pretty Little Mamas’ Returning To MTV With New Name And As Part of ‘Teen Mom’ Family

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Fans of the hit MTV reality show Teen Mom may be excited to hear the news that the show Pretty Little Mamas is returning to the air and will be included in the Teen Mom family of shows, according to a new report from Us Weekly.

The show will return as Teen Mom: Young Moms Club, on Monday, April 22 on MTV. The show will follow the five original cast members including Chandlar, Nikki, Cheyenne, Alyssa, and Nicole. The five original cast members will be joined by new cast member Heather. The show will follow the lives of the young moms who are all friends living in San Diego.

Pretty Little Mamas originally aired on MTV in August and September 2018 and initially followed the five cast members and their lives in Southern California. After only two episodes, the show was mysteriously pulled from the MTV lineup. As reported by People back in September 2018, the show’s page on MTV’s website had also gone down. While the show’s Twitter page has been rebranded to showcase the shows new name, no tweets have been made from the account since September 6, 2018.

The Teen Mom franchise of shows includes Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2, as well as Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. While Teen Mom: Young Moms Club will be included in this family of shows, it will be different from the others in that the cast are already friends. While the cast members on the other shows have created friendships because of their spots on the reality television shows, the girls of Young Moms Club have known each other for many years. Having grown up together, they are also now raising their kids together, which offers viewers a unique look at parenting.

After the show was quickly and quietly pulled, fans wondered what had happened to the show. Had it been canceled after only two episodes, or would it be back? While fans didn’t get an immediate answer, the new report gives hope to fans who watched the show and enjoyed following the cast members’ storylines.

Pictured below is the cast of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, which will reportedly return for a second season on MTV.

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Along with Teen Mom: Young Moms Club, fans can look forward to a new season of Teen Mom OG, which is reportedly airing sometime this year. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant is set to return for the second season of the show, but without one cast member. According to reports, Lexi Tatman was “let go” from the show because her story wasn’t “interesting enough.”

Viewers wanting to watch more Teen Mom now can tune in Monday nights for all new episodes of Teen Mom 2.