Jim Kelly Says Former NFL Player Chad Kelly Will Have a Job Next Season

Retired NFL quarterback Jim Kelly has announced that he is helping his nephew, Chad Kelly, to train hard so that he can play in the NFL again, according to TMZ. Jim feels confident that Chad can get his life back together after his foolish actions during Von Miller’s Halloween party back in October, 2018. Chad’s actions that night led to a trespassing arrest, and following the incident, his team, the Denver Broncos, released him.

On October 22, 2018, Chad Kelly made a drunken mistake while he was attending Von Miller’s Halloween party. That evening, Kelly, the former quarterback for the Denver Broncos, was dressed up as Woody from Toy Story and apparently drank too much alcohol. He wound up getting thrown out of Von Miller’s party, but the night didn’t end for him at that point. Instead of calling a cab and sleeping off the alcohol, Kelly broke into a Colorado home.

According to TMZ, that night, Kelly wandered into a Colorado home still drunk and dressed in his Woody costume. A surveillance camera captured footage of that night, and the 24-year-old former NFL player can be seen mumbling incoherently as he sits on the couch inside of the house next to a woman holding her baby. When the woman saw Kelly, she called out for help. Following the woman’s cries, a man can be seen in the video grabbing a vacuum cleaner tube. The man then chased Kelly out of the house using the vacuum cleaner tube as a weapon. The man hit Kelly several times with the tube while he tried to flee. Kelly fled on foot, and the homeowner called the police. Kelly was found in his car and arrested by police.

Another video captured Kelly’s reactions the rest of the night, according to TMZ. Footage of the football player in his holding cell shows him praying and weeping while in jail. Kelly was charged with felony criminal trespassing, but came to a please deal on March 20. Kelly pleaded guilty to the less serious misdemeanor charge of second-degree trespassing, and the felony was dropped. Kelly also did not need to worry about jail time, and got one year of probation and 50 hours of community service

Jim Kelly, who played on the Buffalo Bills and is an NFL Hall of Famer, has not only been training his nephew, but he is also helping Chad to get his life on track. Jim recently discussed why he thinks an NFL team would be willing to give Chad another chance.

“Yes, he’ll have fun. He’s working his tail off and I’ve been spending a lot of time with him,” Jim said, according to TMZ. “To be honest with you, he has all the materials. We’ll see. God bless him, keep working and we’ll see what happens.”