Ariana Grande Says She Struggled In Her Early Career Years

In a recent interview, Ariana Grande discussed her early career, saying that her first few years in the music industry was very difficult on her mental health. The singer openly admitted that it took some time for her to get used to the industry itself, the stress that musicians undergo, and that the fame she experienced created other issues she didn’t initially anticipate.

The popular hitmaker thanked her fans for putting up with her. Grande loves that her fans were always able to support her, even when she was sporadic or impulsive with the releases of her music. Grande had difficulties committing herself to a rigid schedule and has been anything but traditional with the production of her songs. However, she claims that not sticking to an expected, traditional schedule for her new song releases, and not having to promote her music in the standard way makes her feel a lot more connected with both her music and her fans. Also, the singer says her untraditional approach to creating her music has really helped her out, since she now feels like she has a new lease on life.

A recent post she made on Twitter shows how much Grande appreciates her fans’ support. The singer has no problem giving her followers kudos for sticking with her and being so understanding of the unusual methods she uses to both create and release her music.

”Just saying. Thanks for being supportive of my random, impulsive and excessive music releases,” Grande said on her social media, according to Contact Music. ”The first few years of this were really hard on my mental health and energy. I was so tired from promo trips and was always losing my voice and never knew what city I was in when I woke up. It was so much. It was worth it and I am grateful for everything I learned and accomplished when I did things that way, of course. But I just feel so much more connected now.”

The 25-year-old musician, who has two albums under her belt since August, 2018, Sweetener and Thank U, Next, has also released six singles since last year. She feels that her music is better and truer to life when she is able to create music on her own terms.

Grande’s fans appreciate the fact that she shows them so much love, and have also told her in response to her posts that she is making excellent decisions about her music. Of course, getting that type of support from her fans validates Grande, and she loves feeling like her followers really understand her.