Journey Guitarist Neal Schon And Wife Suing Live Nation, Claiming Assault

Michaele Schon, who some viewers of the Real Housewives of D.C. might remember for her stint on the show, is now married to legendary Journey guitarist Neal Schon. Michaele is busy making headlines again, and this time it’s with her current husband.

The famous rock guitarist apparently filed a lawsuit against Live Nation because, as Neal claims, his wife, Michaele, was assaulted violently while her husband was onstage during a concert. The guitarist is accusing one of Live Nation’s hired security guards of harming his wife for no reason during the performance, according to TMZ.

The alleged assault took place back in March, 2017, while the couple was at a concert in Fort Wayne, Indiana. During the performance, Neal was on stage with the band and Michaele was in the front row. She says she was attempting to take pictures of her husband while he was on stage when a security guard employed by Live Nation started pushing her around.

Court documents summarize Michaele’s allegations. The rock star’s wife alleges that the security guard grabbed her without any notice and pushed her around until she was eventually forced into the PA system. While neither Neal, nor Michaele are mentioning why the claimed assault even began, both husband and wife are saying the event caused them emotional distress. Michaele states that she felt total humiliation after the incident. As for Neal, he is claiming he gets easily distracted at concerts now because he is too busy worrying about Michaele to perform at the top of his game, according to TMZ.

Also included in the court documents is another claim made by the couple. According to Page Six, Michaele is also alleging that she has a pre-existing health condition, and the security guard’s claimed assault on her triggered that health problem. The security guard has tried to explain his actions in a separate court filing. In his explanation, the security guard states he never assaulted Michaele, and also claims that she went into a restricted area without permission, according to Page Six. Also, in another filing, Live Nation also denies all of the allegations filed by the couple.

In 2009, Michaele achieved fame when she secretly entered a U.S. state dinner with her husband at the time, Tareq Salahi. By sneaking into the dinner, she wound up starring in the Real Housewives of D.C., but the show only lasted for a season. In 2012, Michaele divorced Tareq and left him for Neal. Neal is one of the founding members of Journey, and he joined the band in 1973.