Jesse Jackson Jr.: The Most Lavish Items He Bought With Campaign Funds

Jesse Jackson Jr. pleaded guilty to misuse of campaign funds. The once promising politician’s fall from grace included a multitude of unusual and expensive purchases with donated cash. Jackson earned his seat in Congress during a special election in 1995. Once on the short list of men to watch in the political realm, he is now facing several years behind bars in prison blues.

The Chicago politician was accused of spending more than $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s downward spiral was likened to General Robert E. Lee’s surrender at Appomattox by the New York Daily News. The 47-year-old Representative is the son of civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson.

A list of the most opulent purchases Jesse Jackson Jr. made with campaign cash complied by The Blaze highlights the lavish knickknacks and luxurious trappings the Chicago politician temporarily called his own.

One of the most expensive items purchased with campaign funds by Jesse Jackson was a gold-plated Rolex watch. Jackson reportedly paid $43,350 for the wrist embellishment. Furniture for a child’s room might not sound like an extravagance at first blush – but Jackson reportedly spent $9,584 to deck out the space.

Porcelain collectibles and Bruce Lee memorabilia were also counted among the most bizarre Jesse Jackson Jr. purchases. The Chicago politician reportedly spent over $1,500 on porcelain knickknacks and $10.105 on keepsakes from the martial arts king.

Jackson must be a huge Michael Jackson fan. He reportedly spent more than $14,000 on memorabilia from the “Beat It” singer. Reverend Jackson’s son also reportedly spent nearly $4,000 of campaign money on a single Michael Jackson hat.

The Martin Luther King Jr. memorabilia Jesse Jackson Jr. spent $11,130 at least highlighted one of most renowned men in America – but spending campaign cash for the keepsakes was still illegal.

What type of sentence do you think Jesse Jackson Jr. faces a minimum 4-year prison sentence. How many years do you think he deserves for spending campaign cash on personal items?

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