Adele Spotted Heading Into New York City Recording Studio After Four-Year Hiatus

Adele’s music still gets plenty of time on the radio, but don’t let that fool you — the singer hasn’t released any new music since 2015.

The musician’s four-year hiatus is nothing out of the ordinary, as she has been notorious for going long stretches of time between album releases, but that doesn’t mean fans aren’t itching for some new tunes from the soulful singer. Luckily for them, it now appears that their wish may soon be coming true, as E! News reported that the 30-year-old was spotted heading to the recording studio earlier this week.

The Grammy winner appeared to be trying to go under the radar as she made her way to the studio in New York City on Wednesday, March 27. Adele dressed head-to-toe in black, layering a long raincoat over a black sweatshirt and leggings, keeping the hood up to hide her signature strawberry blonde tresses. The singer also sported a pair of oversized black sunglasses to hide her face as she attempted to go incognito.

News of her return for the studio definitely went over well with fans, who took to social media to express their excitement about the possibility of some new tunes from the star, whose last album, 25, took home a whopping 15 Grammy Awards.

“OMG best news of the day! Gosh we need her back!” one Twitter user wrote, while another said he “can’t wait to hear the music.”

While there does not seem to be a pattern to when Adele releases music, it definitely seems like it’s time for the singer to grace her fans with something new. Her debut album 19 was released in 2008 and didn’t receive a follow-up for three years until the release of 21 in 2011. Cue another long drought from the musician, who did not drop new music for another four years until 2015 with her third album 25, which is still playing on repeat on radio stations around the world. Four years later, it definitely seems like it’s time to get another musical gift from the award-winner.

Adele’s trip to the recording studio marks the second time in two weeks that she has been spotted out-and-about in the Big Apple, which is a lot considering the singer has kept a relatively low profile since wrapping up her Adele Live concert tour in 2017. In the years since, she has spent time with her husband, Simon Konecki, and their six-year-old son Angelo. However, the famous Brit got some time off from her mom duties for a night out on the town with pal Jennifer Lawrence.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the famous besties surprised guests at Pieces bar in Greenwich Village last Friday, where they spent the evening playing drinking games and celebrating the Hunger Games star’s recent engagement.

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