Ex-Texas Star WR Limas Sweed Has Brain Disorders, Blames Concussions

Fans of football have long heard news about how concussions and head injury caused in the sport can cause brain damage. In fact, many who watch teams in the National Football League are aware of the many rule changes that have since been imposed on the game by the league to help reduce the possibilities for players to experience those kinds of serious injuries. However, every so often, football fans will still hear about statements made in the media by former players alleging that their time in the sport caused them to have some sort of damaging head injury. When those types of announcements are made, an occasional former player may follow up with a lawsuit filed against the league.

However, these types of injury lawsuits aren’t just limited to the NFL alone. Occasionally, the NCAA runs into similar issues, dealing with injuries suffered by college players. Recently, one former NCAA player who was also a star player at the University of Texas, Limas Sweed, filed a lawsuit against the NCAA. In the lawsuit, Sweed claims he is struggling with serious brain disorders because of head injuries that he experienced while he was playing college football, according to TMZ. Now, Sweed is suing the league for $5 million.

“While playing at Texas, [Sweed] suffered from numerous concussions, as well as countless sub-concussive hits as part of routine practice and gameplay,” Sweed says in his lawsuit, according to TMZ. “[Sweed’s injuries are a] direct and proximate result of [the NCAA’s] negligence.”

The former college football star also said when he did experience head injuries while playing, he would be sent back in anyway and not given enough time to recover. Since these types of head injuries happened repeatedly on the field, Sweed says he now has permanent damage and conditions that include headaches, mood swings, depression, memory loss, motor impairment, and mood swings.

During his college football career, Sweed was a major star for his team while playing as a wide receiver for the Longhorns from 2003-2007. During that time period, he and player Vince Young were playing at the tops of their games and won some memorable victories. Sweed and Young were major contributors to the 2005 Rose Bowl victory the Longhorns achieved by defeating the USC Trojans. During his four-year college football career with the Longhorns, Sweed had 1,915 receiving yards and 20 receiving touchdowns and was certain to be drafted into the NFL.

Once Sweed’s stint in college came to an end, he was picked by the Pittsburgh Steelers during the 2nd round of the 2008 NFL Draft. However, as great as he was in college, he never again achieved that level of success playing football again. Sweed’s pro football career was short-lived and he retired after two years. During his 2008 and 2009 NFL seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sweed caught seven passes for 69 yards while playing during the regular season. In 2019, Sweed sat out the entire season after experiencing an Achilles injury, and waived as injured when he hurt his shoulder in 2011.