‘Celebs Go Dating’ Star Nadia Essex Quits Twitter After Troll Attack

Celebs Go Dating star Nadia Essex, who co-starred on the series with the late Mike Thalassitis, posted a mourning video of herself crying after she heard the news that Thalassitis had died. On March 16, the public learned that the 26-year-old reality television star hanged himself in his Edmonton home. After the 37-year-old Essex posted her video reaction, which she filmed after she heard about her co-star’s death, several trolls attacked her on Twitter, mocking her response.

Essex, who also works as a romance guru, was floored by the flood of hurtful comments several trolls posted on Twitter about her tearful video. As a result, Essex decided to drop Twitter and do something about trolls attacking people that share vulnerable moments online. So, Essex is pushing YAPA, which is a new mental health social media app, to try and curtail online abuse issues so others can avoid enduring the emotional pain she experienced.

Essex met Thalassitis while the two co-starred on a show together last year, Celebs Go Dating. A few hours after Thalassitis’s passing was announced, Essex posted her shocked response to the news on Twitter, and she is so visibly upset in the video that she is crying. Essex created the video because she wanted to know if the terrible news was actually true or another hoax. Unfortunately, Essex’s attempt to get clarification from her fans resulted in several troll attacks about her video. The trolls posted several insulting comments, taunting Essex for her response. In fact, many celebrities have been calling for changes to different social media apps, including Twitter. Kanye West has also insisted that Twitter and Instagram need to be updated to address issues like this.

“When I heard that Mike died I was shocked at the news and I tried to contact him and couldn’t get an answer. So I went on Twitter and asked my followers for help to confirm the news, and all I got was abuse and trolling. It’s ironic that on one hand we’re saying ‘please everyone talk about your feelings and say when you need help’, but then I show my vulnerability to the world and I get attacked for it. I absolutely quit Twitter,” Essex said, according to the Daily Mail.

Essex felt shocked by the cruelty of the situation and wanted to do something productive in response to the troll attack she received. So, the television personality realized it was time to quit Twitter and throw her support behind YAPA, a new mental health social media app. The YAPA app provides mental health advice and assistance for social media for its users and is always open 24 hours a day.

“YAPA has no likes, no photos and no followers. So you can enjoy social media and get help at the same time if you need to. This app is really important and the hope is that other social media apps will do the same and get rid of the things people seek validation from, like likes and comments and followers,” Essex said, according to The Daily Mail.