Lil Wayne’s Handwritten Rhyme Book On Sale For $250,000

If you love Lil Wayne and are curious about owning a piece of the rap legend’s history, then hopefully you’ve got some extra cash lying around. On March 27, Cash Money Records decided to sell some items from their rare memorabilia collection, and one of the items going up for auction is Lil Wayne’s old rhyme book, which they are selling for the notebook’s unnamed owner.

Lil Wayne’s old rhyme book is dated from 1999 and offers a unique collection item for all lovers of rap. Inside of the book, readers will discover Wayne’s handwritten ideas and lyrics for two of his songs, “I Feel It” and “We on Fire.” At the time he was composing his thoughts in the notebook, Lil Wayne was only 17-years-old. He was also writing these tracks back in 1999 when he was a member of the hip-hop band Hot Boys. Currently, the notebook is listed as available for purchase by the memorabilia company Moments in Time and priced at $250,000, according to Malay Mail.

While little is known about the actual owner of the notebook other than the fact that he decided to sell the notebook with the help of Moments in Time, we do know how he came across the notebook. While the owner was working at a dealership, he was told to clean out a car. The car had been previously used by members of Cash Money Records. While the unnamed owner cleaned the car, he came across the notebook, which he kept for himself.

After that, the unnamed owner stored the item in his garage. The item was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina back in 2004. However, Lil Wayne’s rhyme book made it through the storm, although some of the pages are now water damaged because of the exposure. Luckily, though, the water damaged pages are still legible, making the rapper’s old rhyme book a nice memorabilia piece for the collection of any rap lover.

What’s interesting about finding an old copy of Lil Wayne’s rhymes is the rarity of that occurrence. Lil Wayne is famously popular for his freestyling talent when he composes songs, meaning the rapper nowadays usually doesn’t use a pen and pad when he makes his lyrics. In fact, when Lil Wayne was recording “10,000 Bars,” he cleaned out all of his handwritten notebooks containing lyrics over a dozen beats. Lil Wayne disposed of the old written lyrics because he prefers to freestyle lyrics while he does his studio recordings. When one considers that, it’s apparent to see that the rapper’s rhyme book is a rare item and probably not something that will ever be duplicated.

“It’s always a different trigger meaning sometimes it might be somebody else’s song or maybe a feature, they already had that subject so I just stick to the subject. If it’s mine, if the music is what it is. I go off the music,” Lil Wayne said, according to Malay Mail.