Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom In ‘No Rush’ To Plan Their Wedding, Per ‘Entertainment Tonight’

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom aren’t too stressed about walking down the aisle. The singer and actor did start planning their wedding after their engagement in February, but a source recently revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Perry and Bloom aren’t rushing things. Right now, the famous couple is enjoying life together, and they will choose a wedding date when the time is right.

The source explained that Perry and Bloom have learned from their past marriages. Perry was previously married to Russel Brand from 2010 to 2012, while Bloom ended his marriage to Miranda Kerr one year later.

“Both have been married before and know what they want to do different this time,” the source said.

In addition, the couple is choosing not to stress over wedding plans.

“Katy and Orlando love to have fun together, in life and with their friends, and that’s what they are planning for their big day,” the source continued. “The couple is serious about their future… Katy and Orlando are both very busy, and when things slow down they will get married, but right now there is no set date.”

Perry and Bloom got engaged on Valentine’s Day this year and announced the news via Instagram. Later in February, the “365” singer revealed how Bloom popped the question, according to CNN. The actor took Perry up in a helicopter ride above Los Angeles, where he gave Perry a loving note and pulled out the flower-shaped ring. The couple landed safely on a rooftop soon after to be greeted by family and friends.

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The couple has since moved in together in Perry’s home, which is reportedly more private, while Bloom is selling his house. Sources said that the actor did not spend much time in his own home anyway, as both the interior and exterior were being remodeled. He decided to move in with Perry and sell his home shortly after the renovations were completed.

Bloom’s son with Kerr, 8-year-old Flynn, often spends time with him and Perry in their new living situation. Perry and Kerr reportedly get along very well.

The singer and actor have not quite dived into planning the wedding details yet, but another source did tell People that they have discussed what they have in mind for the ceremony.

“Orlando always shied away from anything flashy,” the source explained. “He doesn’t want a huge, celebrity wedding. But they also have many friends that are important to them. They are still figuring out the details. Katy will work with a planner.”