Mama June Shannon Pleads With Court To Allow Boyfriend Geno Doak Back In Her Home

Earl Gibson IIIGetty Images for WE tv

Reality television star Mama June Shannon is asking the court to lighten up when it comes to restrictions she and beau Geno Doak are facing. After a recent arrest, Doak was ordered to stay away from her. Now, Shannon wants that reversed.

TMZ reveals that newly-filed legal documents show that Mama June has said that Geno helps her at home and she needs him nearby. Apparently, Shannon is partially blind and she explains that Doak helps her manage this challenge. In addition, the From Not to Hot star says that she and her man are in love and working on improving their relationship.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Mama June and Geno were arrested at a gas station in Alabama recently. He had allegedly threatened to kill her and now both Shannon and Doak are facing drug-related charges. That arrest prompted the court’s requirement that Doak stays away from Shannon.

At the time of the arrest, Shannon said that Doak verbally attacked her and that she was afraid he would follow through with his threats. There was crack-cocaine found in the vehicle during the incident and it’s possible that both Mama June and Geno could end up with jail time.

Now, Mama June says that Geno is very good with her children and she insists she is not worried about her safety. Shannon is asking the court to dismiss the domestic violence charge that Doak is facing and lift the order that keeps him away from Mama June and her home.

While Mama June is going through official channels now to get this order lifted, she and Geno haven’t exactly followed orders and stayed away from one another. Shortly after the arrest, they were seen at a casino together.

Just a few days ago, Doak posted a photo on Instagram where he held up his middle finger and lashed out at his critics.

“Contrary to what some may lead you to believe I do not have any children that are frightened of me. I’ve been beyond nice and will continue to be as long as my image and me are left alone. Call my bluff if you must. Thank you have a day.”

In a comment on Geno’s Instagram post, Mama June confirmed that she and Doak remain in a relationship and that they are very much in love. Shannon said that they will go public with their story at some point and that they won’t let anybody break them down or break them up.

Will the court lift the order restricting contact between Mama June Shannon and Geno Doak? Will one, or both, of these reality television personalities end up serving jail time? People will be quite curious to see what comes next in this case.