‘MAFS’ Stars Jessika Power And Dan Webb’s Relationship May Not Be Authentic

Many fans of the reality television show Married at First Sight suspected weeks ago that an affair between Jessika Power and Dan Webb might be in the making. After the pair was seen out in public giving each other plenty of romantic attention, the two confirmed their relationship to their co-stars and fans on the show. Not surprisingly, the pair received little support because both admitted to cheating on their spouses. Instead, thousands of the show’s viewers actively demonstrated their disgust over the affair, angry that both Power and Webb had been unfaithful. Those same viewers ganged up on Sunday against the new couple, signing a petition saying they would stop watching the show because of the alleged affair between Power and Webb, according to The Daily Mail.

However, even after the duo confirmed that they are a couple, questions about the authenticity of their relationship have emerged everywhere, from social media to their own co-stars. While Power and Webb both insist that their relationship is real, many have been wondering if they are telling the truth, or play acting to perform a publicity stunt.

Whether Power and Webb are pairing up for publicity or not, the two have been spotted together out and about often, looking very intimate. While putting on plenty public displays of affection in Sydney, Australia, this week, Power and Webb seem either unaware of the distress they are causing Married at First Sight, or the duo simply doesn’t care about the escalating backlash.

Following the latest episode, which aired on Tuesday, Power decided it was time to clarify the truth about her and Webb. She may have been hoping to end the gossip accusing the two of faking affection for a publicity stunt. On Instagram, Power posted about her and Webb’s status, saying that she has strong feelings for Webb and the two are in a real relationship.

Power’s post also happened after one of the couple’s Married At First Sight co-stars, Jules Robinson, alleged that Power and Webb are faking their relationship for publicity. After Power and Webb admitted their affair to their co-stars on a recent episode, Robinson also made it clear that she cannot stand cheaters and doesn’t condone the pair’s actions.

“Some people would have done anything to stay to the end of that show. Anything.’I’m sorry Jess, but if it wasn’t Nic [Jovanovic] it was going to be someone else. He denied you, so you moved on. That’s the bottom line. Maybe [Jess and Daniel] do like each other, who are we to know. But with her past record, does anybody know what’s real with Jess and what’s not?” Jules said, according to E! News.