Producer T’Jean Turns Rapper With His Debut Album, ‘Thief In The Night’

T’Jean achieved fame working as a producer for three different companies, including Grafton Studios, UIM Records, and his own label, Izreal Records. Two years ago, the talented producer kicked off his own recording adventure and developed a track record. After finishing his record, Thief in the Night, the producer-turned-rapper has been releasing a single song every three weeks since January. T’Jean plans to continue releasing his music at that pace.

Over a decade ago, T’Jean began his production career, becoming a regular at Grafton Studios. Later, T’Jean co-founded UIM records prior to starting his own production company, Izreal Records. The producer and rapper assisted with several songs associated with the revival reggae movement. Some of those songs include Tarrus Riley’s “Fly Di Gate,” and Chronixx’s “Prayer”

Thief in the Night is T’Jean’s debut album as a rapper, giving his audience a chance to comprehend the rapper’s musical adventure and goals. T’Jean found the inspiration to create his record when he realized his innovative beat style. Calling it his “different vibration,” T’Jean transitioned into recording his music as a way to share his message. The rapper also had a goal for his songs because he felt reggae music no longer portrayed the theme of righteousness accurately, and he knew his music could revamp that moral.

“The album name carries a double meaning because Christ said He shall come like a thief in the night, and also, people never expect me, a producer for so many years, to ‘come out of the darkness’ and be a singer,” T’Jean said to The Jamaica Gleaner.

T’Jean’s focus on righteousness triggered his advocacy goals. He pushed the messages of truth, rights, and salvation with his songs. However, T’Jean’s style doesn’t resemble gospel musical or revival reggae. Instead, his sound is very innovative. The rapper’s militant vocals and powerful lyrics feature Bible scriptures that vamp up his musical message.

“The amount of warnings me get bout this music weh I’m doing. Righteousness is no longer a part of the mainstream, especially in Jamaica, it is more in Europe,” T’Jean said, according to Jamaica Star.

T’Jean was born with music in his genes. His father is the well-known producer Mikey Bennett. The rapper’s powerful song list includes tracks that found their muse in Biblical stories. One song, “Rainbow Covenant,” was inspired by the book of Genesis, and another song, “Dry Bones,” found its motivation in the book of Ezekiel. T’Jean’s album was produced by his company, Izreal Records, with the help of Jamar “Sonovic” Roberts. However, T’Jean’s last release, “Get Wid It,” was produced by Andre “Anju Blaxx” Myrie.