‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Devon Welcomes House Guests

Monty BrintonCBS

New The Young and the Restless spoilers show that Devon opens up his life and his penthouse to Ana’s dad and his nurse, Elana, who turns out to be more than that.

After the year he’s had, Devon (Bryton James) is ready to open his home once again. For a while, he had Shana (Camryn Hamm) living with him, but she moved home after Devon hosted one too many crazy parties. Then his sister Ana (Loren Lott) moved in with him. It still isn’t the home he envisioned with his late wife Hilary (Mishael Morgan) last year, but he’s managed to move forward.

Now that Devon knows about Ana’s dad Jett (Glenn Brown), he truly wants to help. Plus, there’s also the possibility that Jett would be willing to sing on the Hamilton Winters Group label if he can get his voice back through vocal cord surgery. For Devon, though, adding another singer to the label isn’t his primary motivation.

Elena (Brytni Sarpy) questions Devon’s motivations for helping Jett, but Devon convinces her he really wants to help. Devon offers to have Jett and Elena move into his penthouse, but Ana is concerned that her dad won’t accept the help.

Elena is also worried that Devon is promising too much by getting Jett’s hopes up that the surgery on his vocal cords will be successful. It was rough on the singer to lose his voice, and if the operation doesn’t work, he’ll be crushed. Devon wonders who Elena really is, and she admits that she’s actually more than a nurse. Elena is a doctor who had to drop out during her residency due to the crushing weight of her student loan debt. In Devon’s eyes, Elena moving in with him to help care for Jett will help her save money to pay off those loans more quickly, so it’s a win for everybody. After all, they’re family.

As for Ana, she dreams of one day singing with Jett. She hopes that Jett and Elena moving in with her and Devon is the first step towards realizing that goal. Although she was angry with Devon for following her and getting into her business, Ana is pleased with the outcome even though Jett didn’t want anybody’s charity. For Devon, it’s family helping family and not charity. Plus, if things go well, the Devon will get to help Jett mount his big comeback, which will be a bonus.