Jennifer Garner Reveals That Her Eldest Daughter, Violet Affleck, Is Wearing Makeup — With Her Mom's Approval

Violet Affleck is following in her famous mother's footsteps when it comes to wearing makeup.

In a recent interview with People, the actress shares that the 13-year-old has been experimenting with makeup like many other girls her age. Garner notes that it is tricky enough for anyone to "be an adolescent," but since Violet has grown up in the public eye and around the Hollywood glam scene, it can be even trickier for Violet.

"I think it's probably extra complicated when you literally were nursed in the makeup chair as an infant, and have grown up sitting in your mom's lap while she got her makeup done your whole life," Ben Affleck's ex says. "My kids know two versions of me: They know the version that I see in the mirror right now that looks crazy, and it's what they see 90 percent of the time."

She goes on to share that the other half of the time, they see a version of their mom where she is glammed up — wearing makeup as well as a cute outfit and she wonders what her daughter thinks about it.

"Not to put words in her mouth, but I do wonder what it does to an adolescent brain," she shares.

Right now, Violet has just begun to explore and play with makeup but she does know her limits. Garner says that her daughter is "smart" about her makeup choices and when she does her own makeup, she makes sure to run it by her mom before leaving the house. Of course, there are times when Garner does make her take off makeup, but she calls it a "process" and just part of the cycle of growing up.

But for now, Jennifer says that she hopes her children see her the way that she is most of the time — happy, with minimal makeup, and looking like herself.

"I think whatever version of growing up they need to do around that, if they can come back to this in the end, we're good to go," she shares.

Since her split with husband Ben Affleck, Garner has been working hard on setting a good example for her three kids and co-parenting. As The Inquisitr recently shared, Affleck has been making a lot of time for his children following his latest stint in rehab and is even coaching his son Samuel's little league team. And it's easy to see that Affleck and Garner are putting on a united front for their children, oftentimes taking them to church together on Sundays.

It really seems like the former couple has the whole co-parenting thing figured out.