Pregnant Meghan Markle Given Another ‘Unflattering’ Nickname After ‘Duchess Difficult’

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Meghan Markle was mostly known for playing a meek and humble character on Suits. A March 26, 2019, report from The Mirror isn’t hinting at a challenging personality for the first time, though. The alleged “Duchess Difficult” nickname has been updated.

“Me-Gain” appears to be the latest moniker rumored to have been attached to Markle by staff at Kensington Palace, amid suggestions that Markle is “difficult to work with.” The Mirror further reports that a staff member “handed in their notice” a mere three months into working for the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan’s “right-hand woman” left her job less than three months in.

“Amy is leaving. It’s very sad for her colleagues, as she is a really popular member of staff.”

The March 26 news comes one day after The Inquisitr reported Meghan and Harry as opting to steer clear of nannies for their upcoming baby. The “hands-on” approach said to be favored by the expecting couple is “unheard” of in the royal family.

With her shy smile and frequent blushing, Meghan does not come across as anything remotely resembling a diva. Nonetheless, the March 26 report serves only to support existing rumors that Meghan is a handful behind closed doors.

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Today The Duchess of Sussex made her first visit to @TheMayhew since becoming Patron – Mayhew is a grassroots charity working in a unique way to improve the lives of animals and people to better communities both in London and internationally. Mayhew looks for innovative ways to reduce the number of animals in need through pro-active community and educational initiatives and preventative veterinary care. Among the people she met was Wully, a formerly homeless pet refuge service user, and his two dogs Azzy and Gallis – The Duchess found out about the different ways Mayhew’s animal welfare officers have supported Wully and his pets over the past 11 years. Her Royal Highness also met Roobarb the dog, who is part of Mayhew’s dog therapy programme TheraPaws, which puts smiles on the faces of vulnerable individuals. The Duchess met volunteers who dedicate their time to Mayhew community programmes, including the trap, neuter and return programme, which controls and cares for the feral cat communities in London. And Her Royal Highness was also able to meet the team behind Mayhew’s international work, which includes an overseas vet training programme in countries like India and Afghanistan to help improve animal welfare.

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Aside from adjusting her formal wardrobe to a baby bump, Meghan’s life has been subject to a giant revamp overall. Ditching her Hollywood career to become a royal saw Markle’s social media shut down, and a promising career kissed goodbye. While selfies from Meghan’s former Instagram account are still floating around the internet, this public figure’s profile has changed from rising starlet to royal icon.

Meghan and Harry’s baby is due in late April or early May.

Despite a pregnancy that is well into its third trimester, Markle continues to make many high-profile appearances. Stepping out in hats, fitted outfits, and high heels, Meghan appears to be embracing her “meet and greet” role, although the suggestion that “difficult” behavior comes part and parcel with this girl is somewhat difficult to digest.

The Mirror outlines quitting staff members which include a royal PA, Melissa Touabti, alongside royal “aide,” Samantha Cohen. All three departing employees made The Daily Mail‘s headline in November of 2018.

Royal family members generally avoid controversial headlines. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle both seem to abide by royal protocol for the most part, although the late Princess Diana was known for raising eyebrows. While it seems that Markle continues to be plagued by rumors of interpersonal conflict behind closed doors, no firm evidence has emerged to suggest as much — so far.