After Announcing Split, Bre Tiesi Watches Strippers Instead Of Johnny Manziel’s AAF Debut

After announcing she was leaving her husband, former NFL player Johnny Manziel, Bre Tiesi decided to partake in an entertaining night out on the town. To maximize her amusement while showing her decadent newly-single life off to her ex, Tiesi included plenty of strippers with the evening entertainment. Perhaps Tiesi felt some outrageous, loud fun was in order to help her get over Manziel. Whatever the case, Tiesi certainly seemed to enjoy distracting herself from her breakup by throwing some cash at several scantily-clad dancers over the weekend while Manziel was busy debuting his skills in the Alliance of American Football League, according to TMZ.

Since people began to notice some interesting deletions on Tiesi’s Instagram a few days ago, the public learned that she was leaving her husband, Manziel. Tiesi not only removed Manziel’s last name from her Instagram name, but she also deleted just about every post referring to Manziel, including deleting Manziel himself from her social media. After that, Manziel deactivated his own Instagram account. When Tiesi was questioned as to why she eliminated everything related to Manziel from her page, Tiesi implied that Manziel cheated on her.

Manziel, on the other hand, was busy over the weekend playing his first game on Sunday with the Memphis Express. Since exiting the NFL, Manziel always hoped to return someday, and his new AAF contract may provide him with that opportunity. However, Tiesi wasn’t around supporting Manziel with his football dreams in the stadium, and she didn’t even watch his game on television. Instead, she tagged along to a strip club to celebrate a friend’s birthday party.

While Tiesi was busy watching the dancers and handing out large tips, Manziel performed well during his first AAF game. The quarterback completed three out of five passes and rushed for 20 yards. Manziel even made the highlights a few times. He appeared so confident in his game, he was even trash talking his opposition from time to time. However, at one point the quarterback seemed noticeably upset when he heard the crowd boo as he left the game, which could have distracted some members of his new team, the Memphis Express.

“I’m kind of sick of that a little bit. Let it play out,” Manziel said, according to the NY Post. “I’m trying to get my feet back under me, I’m trying to get back. … I love the support, it is amazing, I don’t want to discredit that whatsoever.”

There may still be hope for the 26-year-old to make it back to the NFL, but it doesn’t look like his wife, Tiesi, will be coming back anytime soon.

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