Apple iWatch May Be Flexible: New Patent Revealed At USPTO

Flexible iWatch

The highly rumored Apple iWatch (Smart Watch) might feature a flexible screen that can be worn around the wrist.

A new rumor has surfaced about the watch after Apple filed a patent application for a new “wearable accessory device” that “includes a flexible display coupled to a bi-stable spring.”

At it turns out, the device carries a resemblance to the old “slap wrap” devices of yesteryear. In fact, Apple refers to the patent pending technology as a “slap wrap” type of bracelet.

Right now it does not appear as if Apple wants to stick with a traditional wristwatch with second screen capabilities. According to the tech giant, the device would include:

“A sensor for detecting a change between the flat state and the curled state of the bi-stable spring substrate.”

The Apple iWatch would also feature a “kinetic energy gathering component” as well as “recharging a battery housed within the accessory device by way of a plurality of ambient light energy collectors disposed across a portion of one surface of the accessory device.”

Even with numerous patent filings appearing to point towards new wearable tech from Apple, the actual devices they are attempting to create could take years to reach market.

Apple could also be filing patents in an attempt to stymie competition away from devices that steal iPhone and iPad screen time. Apple is well known for using the US Patent system to strong-arm its competitors at every turn possible.

What features would an Apple iWatch need to grab your attention? Or do you think the smart watch market has a way to go before they are worth the investment?