‘General Hospital’ Gives Strong Hints That Ryan Chamberlain Could Still Be Alive

This past week on General Hospital has been the self-pity party of Ava Jerome after she almost married serial killer Ryan Chamberlain. You certainly can’t blame her. She truly thought that she had found true love with someone who loved her unconditionally. Now she is left with the guilt of falling for someone who killed her daughter because of her.

Ava is on a downward spiral. She has been drinking consistently to ease the pain. The strange part is that despite the pain, guilt, and humiliation she feels, there is a tiny part of her that still loves Ryan. She doesn’t quite know how to deal with it all. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicates that Julian will try convincing his sister to get some help this week.

Last week revealed the aftermath of Ryan’s destruction. Kevin is in hot water, Felicia is having nightmares, and Griffin left town to deal with his rage and grief. Ava is a hot mess, and as if she doesn’t have enough to deal with, she received a mysterious phone call with someone breathing on the other line.

There is a chance that Ryan could still be alive. General Hospital has been giving viewers a few hints that he may not be done with Port Charles just yet. The phone call came after Felicia told Ava to not let her guard down. Unless they find Ryan’s dead body, she needs to be careful.

Felicia knows all about what Ryan can do, and will do if he is still alive. He will come after Ava. Fans are convinced that it was her ex on the phone, but it could be that the soap is just trying to keep the suspense going.

Could Ryan be coming back this soon? Some fans are even questioning Kevin’s behavior since he got rescued from Ferncliff. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the twins. Ryan was so good at portraying his brother for months that you can sometimes see some similarities between them.

There are plenty of strong hints that Ryan will eventually return for Ava, his goddess. This could actually be a way for Ava to get the revenge that fans were hoping for. They wanted her to be the one who does away with her daughter’s killer for good. If he does come after her, Ava’s rage may just be way too much for Ryan Chamberlain.

There is expected to be much more to come soon on General Hospital. May sweeps are coming up quickly and would be a perfect time for Ryan to make his return.

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