Karen Gillan Reveals Jack Black Sings In His Sleep On Instagram

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As her 2.6 million Instagram followers know too well, Karen Gillan is currently hard at work filming Jumanji 2. In between shooting scenes, Gillan has been regularly teasing her followers with behind-the-scene video clips and snapshots.

A few days ago, Karen shared a short video clip of her co-star Jack Black who appeared to be taking a nap while sitting in a chair.

The video clip featured Black decked out in the same outfit his character, Professor Shelly Oberon, wore during the first Jumanji. Jack was leaned back in a chair sitting beside a table with a water bottle and Styrofoam cup on it with his phone clenched in his hand as he rested inside of what appeared to be a white tent of some sort.

“Jack’s singing in his sleep,” Karen could be heard whispering in the video clip before she panned in to get a close-up of Jack’s face.

“I wonder if he takes requests,” she added before shouting out “Rolling Stones.”

Black responded by singing a different song before someone else could be heard shouting out “Culture Club.”

Jack responded once again by singing a third song. After briefly singing the song, he stopped to ask if the song he was singing was actually Culture Club.

As Karen and other members of the crew could be heard cracking up in the background, Karen reassured her co-star the song he selected was Culture Club.

Unsurprisingly, Karen’s followers loved the silly video clip and quickly showered it with a lot of love and attention. In just four days, the video has accumulated just shy of 800,000 views and a little over 800 comments.

A few of her followers jested that they wanted a follow-up video clip to see what her other co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does in his sleep.

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“This man is a legend,” one follower gushed in the comments.

One individual told Karen she should try asking Jack questions while he’s sleeping to see if he would reveal any deep-rooted secrets.

There were also a few individuals who took issue with the silly video clip as they had a difficult time believing Jack Black was actually asleep in the chair because of the way he responded to the song requests.

Whether Black was really asleep during the entire video clip or it was just the actor and actress goofing off in between takes, the majority of her followers had nothing but great things to say in the comments about it.

Unfortunately for those itching to run to the theater and see Jumanji 2, it is still a ways off, with a theatrical release date slated for the end of the year.