Hannah Godwin Of ‘The Bachelor’ Talks Emotional Breakup With Colton Underwood

Hannah Godwin was looked at as one of the main front-runners during the majority of Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. It was clear the two had intense chemistry and he often spoke about how Hannah reminded him of home. He gifted her the first impression rose on night one, and it seemed that she was on the fast track to becoming Colton’s future wife. When it was her turn for a hometown date, she was ecstatic to introduce Colton to her hesitantly optimistic family.

After a little convincing, they were ready to welcome him into the family. Because they had gotten along so well with him, it was all the more difficult when Hannah had to inform them that things hadn’t quite worked out as she had hoped, according to Entertainment Cheat Sheet.

Hannah was head-over-heels for Colton and he expressed that he was feeling the same way. Things seemed to be progressing smoothly. Thus, she was completely blindsided when he decided to suddenly end their relationship in Portugal prior to what was supposed to be their fantasy suite date.

Everything went awry when Cassie Randolph decided to dump Colton during an emotional revelation in which she expressed that she didn’t feel she could be ready for an engagement in the short time period the show allowed. Cassie returned home and Colton made up his mind that he would do anything to get her back. This involved breaking up with both Hannah and Tayshia, his two remaining women.

When Hannah called home to inform her family of the breakup, they were expecting happy news. She explained just how raw and difficult that phone call was, particularly after her family had been so excited and supportive of her throughout the process.

“They thought I was engaged. So that was a really rough phone call just because I picked up the phone and, you know, it’s so real – these are real feelings – and it was so new then and I kind of just kept thinking he was gonna chase me and all this stuff, I was in denial and I was like ‘So, it’s not me.’ They’ve just been so supportive and just so sweet and so helpful with everything so I’m super thankful for them and I was so proud of them, watching them, we all watched it together the hometown thing.”

While Hannah is moving on with her life, Cassie and Colton were able to patch things up and are now happily in a relationship.

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