Your Next iPhone Could Charge Your AirPods, Apple Watch, And More

The next round of new iPhone models could feature reverse wireless charging, which allows you to use your phone to wirelessly charge other devices, Insider reports, citing Mac Otakara, a Japanese Apple blog that draws on information from a supplier.

The technology first appeared on the Huawei 20 Pro smartphone and more recently was introduced on the Galaxy S10 from Samsung. Such charging is most useful when it comes to smaller, relatively low-power peripherals, such as Apple’s popular AirPod wireless headphones or the Apple Watch. In theory, either device could be charged simply by resting it on the back of a phone equipped with reverse wireless charging, which would draw on the phone’s battery to top off the peripheral. Another phone could also be charged similarly.

Additionally, according to a report from DIGITIMES, Apple may also be preparing a rollout of another charging enhancement. Per supply-chain reports, the company could soon introduce their previously announced AirPower wireless charging mat for iPhones, Apple Watch, and AirPods. The charging solution is simply a mat that can accommodate wireless charging of various Apple devices by placing them on the charging surface.

These various potential charging improvements align with Apple’s recent announcement of the second generation of AirPods, which will now be available with a wireless charging case, which could be used with either the reverse charging feature or the AirPower mat.

The revamped AirPods will be available with either a standard charging case or the new wireless one, which is compatible with any Qi charging system. An LED light on the case confirms charging is happening. Users who already own first generation AirPods can upgrade to a wireless case by purchasing the case by itself. Each second generation case can now hold enough power for up to 24 hours of listening time between charges.

“AirPods delivered a magical wireless experience and have become one of the most beloved products we’ve ever made. They connect easily with all of your devices, and provide crystal clear sound and intuitive, innovative control of your music and audio,” said Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller. “The world’s best wireless headphones just got even better with the new AirPods.”

Apple’s next event is Monday, though the presentation is expected to focus mostly on new streaming services understood to be in the works from the company. While at this point, speculation around the next generation of iPhones firmly belongs in the “rumor” category, AirPower is very likely on the way soon and new AirPods can be purchased now.

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