‘Survivor’ Tribe Lesu Finally Avoids Tribal Council

While it certainly isn’t the first time in Survivor history that a tribe has played a truly terrible game consisting of an inability to win challenges, the Lesu tribe may just go down as one of the worst tribes to play the game.

According to The Top Tens, there have been several other tribes to lose nearly every competition, including Ulong from Survivor: Palau, Matsing from Survivor: Philippines, and Foa Foa from Survivor: Samoa.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

Consisting of David Wright, Kelley Wentworth, Lauren O’Connell, and Wardog Da Silva, the Lesu tribe has gotten to know Jeff Probst and the process of tribal council very well this season. In fact, this week’s episode is the first episode the tribe of four has managed to avoid losing an immunity challenge.

While they were not able to beat Kama, they did prove to be slightly better at puzzles than Manu by making a massive come back after being in last place during the entire challenge.

The victory, unfortunately, was short lived, as this week’s episode was a double eviction with a unique twist on the second immunity challenge. Just before the three tribes competed in the second immunity challenge, Jeff revealed that only one of the three tribes would win immunity this week, forcing the other two to go to tribal council.

After winning yet another competition, Kama sent both Manu and Lesu to tribal council. It was in that moment that Probst revealed they would only be voting out a single member.

Naturally, this presented a problem as Manu and Lesu both consisted of four tribe members and the vote would likely result in a tie. Living in two different camps, the two tribes were not able to discuss the votes with each other prior to the tribal council. This resulted in a great deal of whispering and pulling people aside prior to the vote.

Jeff Probst, David Wright, Lauren O’Connell, Dan Wardog Dasilva, and Kelly Wentworth

Despite everyone claiming they were four strong with their tribe and willing to put their fate in drawing rocks, when push came to shove, everyone decided Wendy was not worth drawing rocks over as she was evicted during the re-vote.

Both Wardog and Victoria had said during their confessionals that they would vote however they needed to vote to prevent a rock draw, as they didn’t want to take the risk of possibly going home.

Kelly Wentworth, Dan Wardog Dasilva, Lauren O’Connell, David Wright, Wendy Diaz, Eric Hafemann, Victoria Baamonde, and Gavin Whitson

Wendy, who didn’t really seem to be sitting close to her tribe or Lesu, flashed a vibrant smile as she pulled Probst into a warm embrace after being evicted, explaining that she was happy to have gotten a chance to play even if she didn’t win.

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