‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Reveals Edge Of Extinction Twist Next Week

Timothy KuratekCBS Entertainment

This week’s episode of Survivor allowed viewers the opportunity to enjoy two episodes of the series rolled up in one as it was an hour-and-a-half long with a double eviction. The promo trailer of next week’s episode, however, promises another great episode.

As those who have been watching Survivor Season 38 from the beginning know, a new twist was introduced, giving castaways who are voted out a chance to return to the game. After being voted out and exiting the tribal council area, castaways come to a fork in the road with the choice to exit the game or to go to the edge of extinction for a chance to get back into the game.

Since the very first eviction, every castaway that has exited the game decided to grab the torch and get the boat for a chance to get back into the game.

The castaways who are still competing in the main part of the game do not realize that the people they are voting out have a second chance to get back into the game.

The twist has created interesting conversations on the Edge of Extinction beach as castaways are brought face-to-face with people they had previously had a hand at evicting.

While what is to be expected of the Edge of Extinction twist remains a mystery, there have been a lot of fan theories surrounding the twist.

Some fans believe there are just enough people sitting on the Edge of Extinction beach that they could come together to form their own tribe to go against the other tribe after the merge happens.

Some fans have jested that the Edge of Extinction was just a way to keep production costs down.

A few fans hope the castaways participating will get some say in which evicted castaway gets to come back into the game.

The Edge of Extinction twist did offer the unique opportunity for returning castaways to have a chance to get back into the game if being a returning castaway causes them to get voted out. Aubry, however, is the only returning castaway to be axed by her tribemates.

Given the fact that the promo for next week’s episode shows Jeff revealing the twist to the rest of the group, the reveal likely means the twist is also officially coming to an end.

Tune in Wednesday night only on CBS to find out what is in store for the castaways at the Edge of Extinction hoping for a chance to get back into the game.