‘Survivor’ Castaways Reem & Chris Duke It Out At Edge Of Extinction

As those who have been watching Survivor: Edge of Extinction since it kicked off know, a new twist was introduced offering evicted castaways an opportunity to get back into the game. This week’s episode focused a lot of attention on the castaways sitting on the Edge of Extinction beach, thanks to the episode being longer than usual.

Warning: The following may contain spoilers from this week’s episode.

Chris Underwood, Reem Daly, Rick Devens, and Keith Sowell were joined by Aubry Bracco during this week’s episode. Those sitting on the Edge of Extinction were introduced to a new element of the game after waiting and wondering when boxes containing clues started to show up. After Rick solved a map, the individuals on the beach raced Keith to trees to uncover what the map was leading them to.

Chris – after beating Keith to one of the trees – discovered what looked like pieces of bamboo and a parchment telling him to “practice.” Rick found an envelop containing an advantage that offered him the opportunity to secretly present someone with an extra vote. While Rick decided to give the extra vote to Aubry, she didn’t get a chance to use it as she was blindsided during the next tribal council.

The individuals on Edge of Extinction were later presented with a second set of maps that proved to be significantly more challenging than the first set. Realizing how good Rick was at solving the first set of maps, Reem decided to stick close to him and branch out from where he was searching. Reem decided that the water may have picked up what they were searching for and mistakenly pointed the box out to Keith, who ended up getting to it first.

Reem’s action presented a problem later when Chris commented on the fact that she basically gave the box to Keith as he probably wouldn’t have found it if she hadn’t pointed it out. This caused Reem and Chris to get into it as Reem took issue with Chris claiming she just handed the box off to Keith.

While Chris didn’t seem to want to argue with Reem about the incident, she was unwilling to let it go as she was clearly frustrated by the accusation.

Entertainment Weekly reached out to Jeff Probst after the episode aired to ask whether or not these were mistakes the castaways sitting on Edge of Extinction were making as they helped each other instead of fighting to be the best. While Probst agreed they were making mistakes, he said it was just because of the mindset of the people on the beach.

“It really is a brand new world on Extinction and people still aren’t sure what kind of society they want to establish. As you point out you have different types of people reacting differently to the situation. Some are optimistic and community minded, others are desperate and selfish. I would guess that some of our deepest fears come out in a situation like this and suddenly your fight or flight response is kicking in and it’s being driven by so many outside factors,” Probst explained.

Tune in as Jeff reveals the Edge of Extinction twist to everyone in next week’s episode of Survivor.

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