‘Survivor’ Castaway Keith Gets Dirty On Edge Of Extinction

Keith Sowell was the first castaway to be evicted during tribal council in Survivor: Edge of Extinction. As The Inquisitr reported a few weeks ago when Keith was evicted from the show, it wasn’t something viewers watching the CBS reality TV series at home found to be too shocking. In fact, many took issue with Sowell being a castaway on the show given the fact that he is unable to swim.

The young castaway, coined as a “mama’s boy,” also caught heat from fans of the show for appearing to hesitate with his decision to take part in the Edge of Extinction twist for a chance to come back into the game.

Warning: The rest of this article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

Things changed during this week’s episode of Survivor as viewers watched Sowell getting down and dirty in an attempt to give himself an advantage over the other individuals on the Edge of Extinction beach hoping for a second chance to get back into the game.

This week’s episode, which was longer than usual being a double eviction episode, showed a lot more action on the Edge of Extinction beach. Boxes containing clues and maps they needed to solve started to appear. While Rick Devens was the only one who was able to decode the map and figure out the message being received, he made the mistake of doing so in front of everyone else.

Chris Underwood, Reem Daly, Aubry Bracco, Rick Devens, and Keith Sowell on the fifth and sixth episode of SURVIVOR
Chris Underwood, Reem Daly, Aubry Bracco, Rick Devens, and Keith Sowell

While Chris and Reem were happy to make use of what Devens found as a team effort, Keith realized he was at the bottom of the totem pole and couldn’t take part in the team effort if he wanted a chance to get back into the game. While everyone else enjoyed eating their small portion of rice, Keith took off, hoping he could find whatever the map was pointing to first.

Unfortunately for Keith, it didn’t take long for everyone else on the beach to notice what he was doing. Chris and Reem took off after Keith while Rick went to the other tree the map was pointing to. Chris ended up beating Keith to the clue hidden by the first tree and Rick made it to the second clue.

Sowell was able to redeem himself later when he discovered another clue hidden under the water after Reem mistakenly pointing it out to him. The clue Keith opened revealed that he would be able to curse someone on Edge of Extinction based on who he felt was his biggest threat toward his chance at getting back into the game.

New episodes of Survivor: Edge of Extinction air each Wednesday night only on CBS.

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