WWE News: NXT Superstar Requests Release After Concussion Scare


Over the course of the last decade, concussions have become a huge subject in the world of professional sports and extreme care is being taken with them. Athletes are making sure that their health is not at risk and the different sports are taking the necessary steps to keep concussions to a bare minimum. Now, a rising star in NXT may have his career end before it even really starts as he’s requested his release from WWE due to a concussion scare.

Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed that Stacey Ervin Jr. has requested his release from WWE, and it is due to a concussion scare he recently suffered. The news was first reported by Casey Michael of Squared Circle Sirens who had heard that Ervin “quit” and tweeted out some things that appeared to make it more likely.

Not long after that, Casey Michael reported that the company wanted him to think about the entire situation a bit more before making a solid decision, but his mind appears made up.

“He was given some time to think about it but people think he’s 100% done. He had what I’m told was a concussion scare and that’s what did him in.”

If you go and look at Stacey Ervin’s social media accounts, such as his official Twitter, you will see no mentions of WWE or NXT. The young superstar is promoting an upcoming project with health and fitness, but there is nothing regarding the wrestling world.

At least not for more than a week.

Ervin is a former amateur gymnast who has been under contract with WWE since 2018, but his wrestling career has just really been getting started. He’s been working a lot of live events for NXT and even had a match on NXT television once, but it was still early in his time in the ring.

The NXT superstar had been getting a lot of attention for his gymnastic and aerial moves in the ring which are quite excellent. He’s also been receiving rave reviews for his work ethic and ability to focus on learning what’s needed for an in-ring career.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that other sources have confirmed that WWE is wanting Stacey Ervin Jr. to take as much time as needed to make his decision. The recent concussion scare obviously brought about some fear in him which made him request his release from NXT. While it may seem as if he’s already made his decision, neither the company nor the superstar has said anything to confirm a move in either direction.