Wendy Williams’ Friend Says She Has An Unhealthy Relationship With Husband Kevin Hunter

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Wendy Williams and her husband, Kevin Hunter, have been making headlines as of late with rumors about their marriage flying around.

Now, one of Wendy Williams’ friends, Paul Porter, is telling Page Six that the talk show host needs to ditch her longtime husband, Kevin Hunter, because the relationship is not in the best interest for Wendy.

Paul Porter, who is a Northeastern University alum like Williams herself, says that he was upset watching Wendy’s show on Thursday, where the talk show host was seen coughing and choking.

“I thought she was going to pass out. I’m worried about her health. Somebody needs to do something,” he stated, adding that Wendy needs to ditch her husband, Kevin, who is a producer on her show, claiming that he’s a “control freak” and a complete “terror.”

Paul, who says he’s been in contact with Wendy a hundred times in the past two years, claims that Williams thought about divorcing Hunter last year after she allegedly learned that he had gotten his mistress pregnant. However, Porter claims that pair went to counseling and worked things out. “For some reason she can’t break away,” he says of his friend and her unhealthy marriage to Kevin.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight reports that Wendy Williams is having a meltdown over the rumors that Kevin Hunter got his alleged mistress pregnant, and that she completely believes her husband has been cheating on her, even hiring a private investigator last year, who showed her evidence of Kevin’s infidelity.

Sources tell the outlet that Williams is completely controlled by Hunter and that she “struggles to make any business decisions without him.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Wendy revealed on her show earlier this week that she was struggling with addiction issues and that she has been living in a sober house.

Willams told her viewers and studio audience that every day, she films her show, does Pilates, and then spends some time with her family, including husband Kevin and her son, Kevin Jr. She then returns to the sober living house where she has been staying and is placed on lockdown for the night.

Wendy told fans that the home boasts a sober living coach 24 hours a day and that it has a strict 10 p.m. lights out policy. She also claims that she’s been sharing the home with some “smelly men,” who have become like family to her while dealing with her addiction issues.

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