Ghost-Hunting Team Claims To Have Made Contact With Jack The Ripper's Ghost

A team of amateur ghost-hunters in the U.K. claims to have made contact with the ghost of the biggest serial killer of all -- Jack the Ripper.

The Ripper is the most notorious murderer to ever stalk a dimly-lit alleyway, and his true identity has always been open to speculation. Through the past several decades, various names have been put in the frame for his despicable deeds. The list of suspects is as long as it is varied and ranges from a minor royal to a cotton merchant and well-known artist.

And now, according to Kent Live, a gang of ghostbusters from Thanet believes they have made contact with Walter Sickert -- a leading candidate for the Ripper murders.

According to crime novelist Patricia Cornwell, Sickert was not only a renowned artist but a very sick individual who got his kicks from killing prostitutes. In 2002 she published a book called Portrait of a Killer - Jack the Ripper Case Closed. In those pages, she set out a very plausible case for Sickert being the serial killer who terrorized the streets of the old East End.

Not content with just theorizing about Sickert being the true Ripper, Cornwell poured vast sums of her own money into proving through expensive forensic techniques that Sickert was the culprit behind the world's greatest murder mystery.

She funded a series of DNA tests on numerous stamps and envelopes believed to have been licked by Sickert. When compared with DNA found on sone of the Ripper letters, there was indeed a positive match. However, the jury was still out.

The majority of Ripperologists believe none of the Jack the Ripper correspondence was written by the killer, so they suggest all Sickert is guilty of is writing hoax letters.

Nevertheless, the evidence is pretty damming, and the aforementioned ghost-hunters now believe they have made contact with the ghost of the man suspected of being the butcherer of Whitechapel.

Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The team which calls itself GHOST (Ghost Hunting Organisation Surrounding Thanet) were said to be searching for spooks in one of the old residences of the deceased artist when they believe they made contact with Walter Sickert himself.

"We got some quite frightening footage from the investigation. We were getting really intelligent responses to our questions. We asked 'do you like playing games' and a really evil voice came through and said 'candy man'. Everyone said 'whoa', it took us back a bit," said a GHOST spokesperson.

As the spokesperson's words suggest, it might not be the most conclusive piece of evidence in the world, but when it comes to Jack the Ripper, what is?