Ugly Modeling Agency Highlights Unconventional Beauties

The Ugly Modeling Agency is looking for tattoo artists, bearded ladies, and a few little old ladies willing to showcase their physique for the cameras. The London-based modeling agency is entirely uninterested in ultra-skinny waifs who stomp down the runway scantily-clad.

A pair of photographers became bored with the fashion realm and typical looking models and struck out on their own. The Ugly Modeling Agency was formed in 1969, but has gained greater prominence recently. The eclectic models and the two photographers are now a part of one of the largest modeling agencies in the world, the Huffington Post notes.

An advertisement in a London newspaper for the alternative modeling agency reads:

“Have you got an interesting face? Contact Ugly.”

No one is “too abstract” for the books at the unconventional modeling agency, according to Sodahead. The modeling agency uses categories such as men, girls, rage, and specials to classify their unique cast of characters. Some of the models that fall under the “specials” category include a woman named Miriam who is touted as the bearded lady and Elaine, the most pierced woman in the world – according to Guinness.

When asked what makes an individual right for the Ugly Modeling Agency, owner Marc French had this to say:

“It really varies. I sort of know when someone makes a good ugly model. If they’re comfortable in their own skin they make a good ugly model. I don’t see anyone as ugly. I see everyone as an individual, so for me to say that one person is uglier than another, I don’t see it.”

Ugly Modeling Agency models have worked in a host of prominent ads. The non-standard models have been showcased in both Italian Vogue and Calvin Klein ads.

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