Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: A Walk Down Memory Lane For Anna, Bad Memories Resurface For Willow

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital was full of gunfire, memories resurfacing, and even some girl time among friends. Carly is getting worried about Sonny, but she is supposed to stay away from stress because of this new baby. She had Olivia and Lulu over. They wanted to know where Sonny was and if he was trying to find Dante. She confessed that he was, and she also ended up confessing that she is pregnant. Of course, the women were shocked, but overjoyed for her.

Speaking of Dante, he and Sonny cooked up a plan for their escape. Sonny played dead and overpowered one of the guards. However, their escape was halted by Dev, who was captured trying to pickpocket the guards again. Raj ordered his death and that’s when Sonny decided to play hero.

During the shootout, Dante ended up killing Raj, but he wasn’t too happy with Sonny. Dante wanted him alive. Robert showed up ready to bring the men home. According to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, Lulu will have a reason to give thanks. This could mean that Dante will be back in her arms by Friday, or at least gets word that her husband is safe.

Anna is frustrated with her twin sister and once again demands that she tell her which memories are hers. Alex proceeds to bring up the name Boris Mikhailov. He was a defector that Anna had been assigned to accompany him to a secret meeting place. However, an ambush took place and Boris was killed. That has affected Anna for years, but it turns out that it wasn’t really Anna that this happened to. Alex described the scene just as Anna remembers it.

The walk down memory lane hasn’t made Anna feel any better. It was a painful tragedy for both of them. The memory mapping may lead to even more pain for the sisters, and those around them as well.

There is more to learn about Willow Tait. Her past is finally coming to the surface now that General Hospital fans now know that she is connected to Shiloh and Dawn of Day. Viewers also know how Shiloh keeps his members close to him by forcing them to share their deepest dark secret that no one else knows about, in what he calls his “trust offering.” He tried to get Kristina to share hers, but Michael interrupted them wanting to chat with his sister.

Willow overheard Michael talking to Chase at the Floating Rib about Shiloh and she was in a panic. All she said was that he needs to get Kristina far away from DoD. He tried talking to Kristina, but she is clearly too wrapped up in the cult to see that she is in danger.

Michael then inadvertently outed Willow when Shiloh heard him talking to Kristina outside. Now, the DoD leader knows that she is in Port Charles. Willow is ready to bail and is obviously scared of him finding her.

Sam and Jason met at GH to discuss Kristina’s dilemma, while Alexis was also there as she ran into Julian. She told her ex that he is in a good place and warned him to keep his impulses at bay.

On Thursday’s General Hospital, Sam will go to Shiloh saying that she wants to join the group. Also, Anna will meet up with an angry Griffin. Willow is ready to go on the run and both Felicia and Laura have a hard time coping with the aftermath of Ryan Chamberlain.

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