Kristoff St. John’s Daughter Files To Control His Estate After Actor Died Without A Will

Kristoff St. John’s daughter, Paris St. John, is hoping to be named the person in charge of her late father’s estate after The Young and the Restless star died without a will in place.

According to The Blast, Kristoff St. John died at age 52 last month. His death was unexpected, and the actor seemingly didn’t have his estate in order before his passing. Now, Paris St. John is petitioning the court in hopes of handling her father’s affairs.

Paris claims that her father died without a will and that his net value is estimated to be about $122,000. Someone has to take care of Kristoff’s estate, and since he is no longer married to the mother of his children, Mia St. John, it seems his eldest daughter, Paris, is the logical person to become the administrator since there were no final wishes left behind by The Young and the Restless fan-favorite.

People Magazine reports that Kristoff was found dead at his home in San Fernando Valley on February 3. The official cause of death for the soap star has been ruled has heart disease and alcohol poisoning, and deemed accidental.

The coroner’s report reveals that the actor had been in a mental health facility before his death and was released on February 1, just two days before his shocking and untimely passing.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kristoff St. John’s former wife, Mia St. John, is now considering taking legal action against the hospital as she believes they did not properly care for the actor.

Mia claims that she believes her ex-husband would still be alive today if the hospital would have given him proper care for his mental health issues.

Mia says that Kristoff was in a dark place before his death and that he had even been hallucinating visions of their late son, Julian.

Julian St. John, died in 2014 after committing suicide. The couple’s only son had reportedly struggled with severe depression as a young boy and was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 18.

Julian was in a mental facility at the time of his death and was found unresponsive in the bathroom. Following Julian’s death, Mia and Kristoff successfully sued the facility where he died for negligence.

Kristoff St. John is set to be memorialized by his Young and the Restless family in a series of episodes that will air next month. Former Y&R actors are also set to return for their final goodbye.

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