Kristoff St. John’s Former Wife, Mia, Considering Legal Action Against Hospital Following Actor’s Death

The Young and the Restless star Kristoff St. John shockingly died at the age of 52 last month, and now his ex-wife Mia St. John may be ready to take legal action.

According to The Blast, Mia St. John believes that her former husband was not properly treated at the mental facility that he was released from just days before his death. Kristoff St. John was said to have died from heart disease and alcohol poisoning, and Mia believes he wasn’t properly cared for at the hospital.

Mia told the outlet that doctors did not recognize the severity of Kristoff’s addiction and mental health issues and that things were so bad for The Young and the Restless actor before his death that he reportedly saw hallucinations of his late son, Julian.

Mia revealed that she had a hand in getting Kristoff hospitalized in January when he went into a severe depression and threatened suicide. He had also been drinking heavily at this time.

Mia says that she held an intervention for Kristoff, which included some of his Y&R co-stars, and that it took some time, but he finally agreed to get some help.

Mia had been in contact with Kristoff through his hospitalization. However, she claims when she called on February 1, she was told that the actor had been released. She was furious after hearing the news. When she finally got in touch with her ex-husband, he was in bad shape and had told her that their late son, Julian, was knocking on his door and coming to take him on a walk.

Kristoff St. John’s son, Julian, died back in 2014 from suicide. He had taken his own life while in the care of a mental facility in Long Beach. Following his death, Mia St. John and her ex-husband successfully sued the hospital, claiming they were negligent while treating Julian.

Kristoff was completely torn up over his son’s death, and Mia claims that on the anniversary of Julian’s death, he slipped into a dark place. Mia is now considering taking legal action against the hospital that treated Kristoff, believing that he would still be alive today if he had received better care for his mental illness.

Mia is hoping that taking legal action will make the facility think twice before releasing patients before they’re ready to survive in the world on their own.

Kristoff St. James will be honored by his Young and the Restless co-stars in a set of episodes that are due to air in April.

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