Ramona Singer Apologizes For Claiming Dennis Shields Was On Drugs Prior To His Death

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Ramona Singer is regretting something that she said after it ended up coming back to haunt her.

According to People, a preview for tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City shows Singer making some comments about Bethenny Frankel’s late boyfriend, Dennis Shields. In the episode, Ramona is chatting with some of the other ladies in the cast when she makes some not so nice comments about Dennis, who had passed away three weeks prior to a suspected drug overdose.

“How smart can Dennis be? I mean, he was on drugs,” Ramona can be heard saying in the trailer.

Earlier today, Singer took to her Instagram stories to apologize for her unkind words.

“I cringed when I saw what I said about Dennis in tonight’s episode. It definitely wasn’t one of my finer moments,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

“I respected and liked him very much and I sincerely apologize to his family and Bethenny for my thoughtless comments.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Shields passed away at his Trump Tower Apartment in August of a suspected drug overdose though the official cause of death was found to be “undetermined.” Due to religious reasons, an autopsy was not performed on the 51-year-old.

During this season of RHONY, Bethenny has clearly been having a rough time dealing with the death of her on-again off-again boyfriend.

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The reality star also shared that she and her daughter, Bryn, had sent text messages to Shields following his death and Frankel thought of it as being more of a form of closure.

“I love you, Dennis. You’re the most loving, beautiful man in the whole world, and I’m sorry you had so much pain. Now you can really sleep.”

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Frankel can be heard opening up to pal Dorinda Medley about her relationship with Shields. During the conversation, she admits that her relationship was far from perfect but the Skinnygirl founder said that when Dennis died, a part of her also died as well. She told Medley that she loved him “so much” and Dennis, Bryn, and herself were basically like a small family. Additionally, Frankel surprised Medley by revealing that she and Dennis were actually engaged.

“I kept it to myself because I didn’t want another circus of my life so I didn’t want to start telling people,” she shared. “We had our own private engagement and our own private ‘OMG we’re going to do this,'” she added.

Fans can catch new episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City on Wednesday evenings.