Nolan Hannu’s Mom Posts Heartbreaking Message To Tom Brady After Her Son’s Sudden Death

A mother has penned a heartbreaking message to NFL star, Tom Brady, after her son died unexpectedly. Angela Hannu was devastated with the recent, and sudden death of her son, Nolan. With her son being such a huge fan of Tom Brady, Angela reached out to the New England Patriots player.

In her Facebook message to Brady, Angela told of her son’s death on March 15. She describes his bedroom as a shrine to Tom Brady. And, when he died, Nolan was surrounded by these things.

“Hi Tom,” the message starts.

“This is my son Nolan Hannu. He died suddenly just this last Friday, March 15, 2019, in his bedroom filled with pictures, posters, and memorabilia of you. He was only 17.”

The message continues with Angela explaining just how much Tom Brady meant to her son.

“I need you to know that he loved you, Tom. He has looked up to you and admired you since he was a young boy.”

Nolan had had the privilege of watching his idol play on two occasions. He saw Brady play once in Minneapolis against the Vikings, and once in Green Bay when he played against the Packers.

“At the game in Minnesota Nolan was standing over the locker room exit after half time. He saw you run out and was in awe of seeing you that close. That was one of the greatest moments of his life and he talked about it often.”

His ultimate dream was to see Brady play at Gillette Stadium.

Nolan had purchased Brady’s Super Bowl game jersey. He will now be buried in it.

Angela’s heartbreaking post concluded with the following message.

“I need you to know that Nolan lived. We are all Patriots and will forever be your fans.”

At the time of posting, Angela was unaware of the cause of her son’s death. However, she has since found out that Nolan died as a result of heart arrhythmia. Previously, there had been rumors circulating that her son had died of suicide or a drug overdose. Angela addressed these unsubstantiated rumors in a follow-up post to her own Facebook account.

“I would like to set those that are spreading suicide and drug overdose rumors straight! Nolan died from a heart arrhythmia. Please pass that along!”

Heart arrhythmia is a condition also known as arrhythmia, dysrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat. It covers a group of conditions dealing with the heart. According to the Heart Foundation, heart arrhythmia can vary in symptoms and may not always be considered a dangerous condition. However, medication or artificial pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICDs) can sometimes be required.

Some causes of heart arrhythmia can include blocked electrical signals, the body’s reaction to certain medications or stimulants (such as caffeine), and coronary artery spasm. Some types of heart arrhythmia in certain individuals can be considered nothing more than a minor inconvenience by causing a fluttering or racing heart at times. Whereas, other types of arrhythmia can be considered extremely dangerous. Most notably, ventricular rhythm issues can cause a disruption to the heart’s ability to pump blood and bradycardia, which causes one’s heart to beat too slowly and may cause a person to pass out.

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