Anderson Cooper Calls Out Trump’s McCain Attacks For ‘Punching At A Person Who’s Dead’

Anderson Cooper called out Donald Trump on Tuesday for attacking the late Senator John McCain. In recent days, the president has repeatedly gone after the Arizona senator, creating an intense backlash from people on both sides of the aisle. Cooper weighed in on the controversy, saying that Trump’s repeated focus on McCain is like “punching at a person who’s dead.”

Cooper was interviewing Republican strategist Adolfo Franco on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 when the two began to discuss the president’s habit of poking back at anyone who criticizes him, including people such as McCain.

“We know the president’s style is to, when he’s attacked, as he says, ‘I’ll punch back,'” Franco told Cooper.

Cooper replied that while that may be true, his attacks on the former prisoner of war seem to be outside of the normal style of fighting back against an enemy.

“I understand the whole counterpunching thing, which is a line we’ve heard a lot from the president,” Cooper said. “He’s punching at a person who’s dead. He’s punching a person who can’t fight back because he’s dead.”

While speaking with Cooper during the interview, political commentator Ana Navarro added that she believes McCain would get some satisfaction from knowing that he is still getting under Trump’s skin.

“I think John McCain, who had a wicked sense of humor, would actually enjoy knowing that he is still living inside of Trump’s head and would get some sort of satisfaction from knowing that even after death he is still haunting Donald Trump,” she said.

Trump and McCain have a long history. In 2015, Trump famously said that McCain isn’t a war hero because he was captured by the enemy, causing outrage and backlash that many thought might sink Trump’s presidential ambitions.

This week, Trump tweeted that McCain shared the Steele dossier that suggests there are ties between Trump and Russia with former FBI director James Comey. He offered no evidence for his assertion but claimed that McCain was working with the Democrats to harm him.

Trump also went after McCain for casting the vote that kept Obamacare the law of the land, claiming that the vote cost the country trillions of dollars and better health care opportunities.

McCain’s widow Cindy responded by posting a vile message that showed the type of person she believes supports Trump. In the message, the individual said they were glad McCain was dead and hoped his daughter Meghan choked to death.

Meghan McCain also shot back at Trump, saying that the people would never love him like they loved her father. This was followed by a tweet from Trump, who doubled down on his attack, saying he would never be a fan of the man.

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