CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Slams ‘Pathetic’ Republican Silence On Trump’s McCain Attacks

As Washington and the nation continue to reel following President Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on deceased Senator John McCain, television news analysts like CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin have noticed a conspicuous silence on the matter among the ranks of Republican lawmakers. According to Mediaite, Toobin, in his role as a legal analyst for the network Trump has famously slammed as “fake news,” took to the airwaves to call out timid GOP leaders for their “pathetic” silence in the face of the president’s egregious attacks.

Toobin made his comments while appearing on a segment of the program New Day to discuss the plans of Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson of Georgia to denounce Trump’s repeated sniping against a man widely hailed as a war hero. But what Toobin found a more compelling story wasn’t that a Republican lawmaker was planning to rebuke the president over his comments against a man who is no longer around to defend himself, but rather that more Republicans weren’t lining up to denounce Trump.

“How pathetic that 50 Republican senators have said nothing about this incredibly disgraceful performance by the president about John McCain, their longtime colleague. That makes news because they are all such unbelievable cowards because they’re afraid of Republican primaries.”

While Toobin gave a nod toward Sen. Isakson’s planned condemnation of Trump’s attacks on the late senator and former presidential candidate McCain, as well as giving points to newly-elected Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah for speaking out against the president, he didn’t hold back on letting the rest of the GOP field have it with both barrels. Toobin added that the “deeply obscure” Sen. Isakson making the news for speaking up against Trump is more of an indictment against the leaders of the party who have remained silent out of what he termed cowardice.

Toobin also took a swipe at Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina who initially made a “principled statement” in opposition to Trump’s emergency declaration, but when push came to shove, “ran off and hid and changed his vote…because he was afraid of Trump.”

“That’s more relevant than one Senator speaking up for John McCain.”

Toobin joins a CNN co-worker in his condemnation of Trump’s odd and ongoing attacks against the deceased McCain. Anderson Cooper lit up guest and pro-Trump strategist Adolfo Franco who attempted to spin the attacks as part of Trump’s “style,” suggesting that “when he is attacked, he says I’ll punch back.”

Cooper was quick to point out the obvious flaw in the line of defense of the president.

“He’s punching at a person who is dead. He is punching at a person that can’t fight back because he’s dead,” Cooper said.

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