John Legend Reveals Reason Why He’s Been Eating Salad For Breakfast

Ian GavanGetty Images

When most people think of breakfast foods they think of toast, eggs, muffins, and even pancakes come to mind. But salad? Say what?

Singer John Legend recently opened up to People about why he has been adding more greens to his diet, which includes a salad to kick off his morning. After chatting with his doctor, Legend was told that he needed to add more antioxidants to his diet because of hereditary cholesterol issues. John’s solution? Add greens to every meal, including breakfast!

Now, The Voice coach says that he has added something green to his breakfast, lunch, and dinner and calls his doctor’s advice a “wake up” call. In the morning, he has a little salad that he says is “leafy with a little vinaigrette,” for breakfast and is trying to flip around his lifestyle.

“A lot people, their behavior affects what they do, but also their heredity is involved in people being more prone to certain conditions,” he told the magazine.

“We have a history of heart and cholesterol issues in my family, so it makes more sense that I have to be more vigilant. So whenever you can learn that early in your life and do things behaviorally to combat that, I think it’s good thing.”

And earlier this month on his Instagram account, John also let fans know that as part of his decision to get healthier, he has partnered with Naked Juice to promote their However You Healthy campaign. John shares that the new campaign is a great way to support people in making either small or big decisions when it comes to their health and he hopes that it will promote healthier eating as well as exercise.

He also took a second to set the record straight on what’s for dinner at his household. As fans know, John’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, likes to show cooking videos to her millions of followers and a lot of the time, she appears to be cooking things that don’t always look to be super healthy. But John says that there are a lot of things that they cook and don’t show so he doesn’t want his fans to get a skewed perception of things, though he does admit to indulging in some of those meals from time to time.

“Even if we’re making things for the cookbook, that doesn’t mean we’re having massive portions of it. Everything’s in moderation. I think that’s what the campaign with Naked is all about.”

Legend is currently appearing as a coach on his first season of The Voice.