‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Responds To Instagram Critics After Debuting Photo Of New Lip Injections

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Lala Kent shared a new photo of her super-plumped lips on Instagram days ago, and was immediately met with backlash from fans who commented on her updated look.

“It’s so crazy to me what people are willing to write on people’s photos,” Kent said in response to the backlash, via a report from OK! Magazine on March 19.

While Kent has since turned off the comments on her latest post, which featured the Vanderpump Rules star posing for a closeup, she detailed messages she had allegedly received from hateful critics.

“[Leaving] comments that are like ‘oh my God you used to be pretty.’ It’s like you were never pretty. Does that feel good?” Kent retorted to her anonymous hater.

As Kent pointed out, she doesn’t sit around on Instagram and criticize the appearance of others, and doesn’t feel that she should be treated in that way by anyone. In fact, she says that she doesn’t understand why people have taken it upon themselves to go out of their way to voice their opinions about anyone’s appearance.

Kent went on to give a shout out to Instagram for giving her the option to block people and turn off her comments, so that she doesn’t have to see the negative things people have to say about her. She also encouraged her haters to “move your miserable a** back on to your little hole.”

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A couple of weeks ago I let y’all into my beauty doc appointment with @skintightaesthetics, to see what I was up to. I got my lips plumped up and my tear troughs filled. For me it’s important for people to see that I get injected in this area or that area. It’s important for me to share that I love FaceTune and the “pretty filter” on Instagram. I share this to break the illusion. But I also want to say this. You’re beautiful exactly the way you are. If you don’t like something and you want to get it injected or “fixed”, I support it. If you want to be all natural, I support it. You have to feel comfortable with yourself and feel beautiful, whatever that means to you. Whether you choose to alter something or not, it’s your choice. But either way, always know you are all kinds of sexy, no matter what. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

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Although Kent has been open with her decision to use injections to correct certain things she doesn’t like about her face, she’s also admitted in the past to going a bit too far with fillers and Botox. In 2018, she told Bravo’s The Lookbook that she was no longer getting filler in her cheekbones, or Botox above her eyebrow.

“I just feel like I’m a walking cat-duck. It looks like a cat and a duck had a baby and that’s me,” she joked at the time.

Kent also said that she was planning to continue getting Botox between her eyes, in her jawline, and on her chin.

One year prior, Kent said she wanted to stop the lips, telling the outlet, “Enough is enough.” However, it appears that she’s had a change of heart on the issue. Still, whatever she decides, she’s making it clear to her online audience that their mean comments about her look will not be tolerated on her page.

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