‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Anna Pushes Alex And Oscar Gets Bad News

Craig SjodinABC

The latest General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s episode reveal some big moments ahead that fans will not want to miss. Things will be intense on several fronts, and it looks like viewers may be learning more about what Alex knows about the memory switch project. In addition, Dr. Terry has an update for Oscar and his loved ones, but it doesn’t sound as if it’s good news.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter teases a handful of General Hospital spoilers about the upcoming March 19 show. Elizabeth faces a difficult discussion with Franco, and Carly will get tough with Ava. In addition to all of that, Anna will push Alex to come clean on what she knows.

As viewers saw on Monday, Alex is back in Port Charles and she’s now suffering the same blindness the other twins have experienced. Finn made it clear he can help her, but she’s not making this difficult situation this easy on her sister Anna.

As The Inquisitr has detailed, Alex will eventually share something with Anna that could be important. However, it sounds as if she’ll continue to play games and talk in riddles for now.

Anna will push hard for Alex to reveal the truth about what memories were transferred. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Alex will share just enough to leave her sister worried and rattled. This will carry over into next week’s episodes, as Soap Central notes that Anna will try to accept a potential revelation.

General Hospital fans have been speculating for months now that Anna may come to learn that Alex is the one who really gave birth to Peter, not her. However, some viewers have speculated that this situation could become even more shocking and painful. Could it turn out that there may be reason to worry that Robin is Alex’s rather than Anna’s?

Tuesday’s episode will also show more with Oscar and his loved ones. They have been hoping for good news related to his cancer, but General Hospital spoilers share that Dr. Terry will have to share an upsetting update. Oscar’s tumor has grown, and the teen will ask for an estimate of how much time he has left.

It’s still not known for certain whether or not Oscar will end up passing away. If that does happen, it might help explain how the show brings Jax back into the picture with his upcoming return to Port Charles, as Josslyn will need all the support she can get. However, a lot of fans are hoping that a miracle of some sort develops and gives Oscar a new lease on life.

Viewers will also see what comes next with Sonny and Dante in Turkey during this next episode. General Hospital spoilers hint that there will be no shortage of chaos playing out over the next few days and fans will not want to miss any of the action ahead.